I forgot Mother's Day.

How perfect that I skipped right over Mother's Day. Ha!!
We had a little get together at the house, nothing fancy.  Food, family & FUN!  Such a great day Hosting is always a little work so I didnt really take many pics of the day. Heres a few of the family.





 Austins 1st movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The girls couldnt wait to take Austin to the theater. Finally.  He loves Minions so Dispicable Me 3 was all us!! It was great!

Fun times with friends and babes!

Jason took everyone to MONSTER JAM!!
Ive been a few times, years ago before kids, but couldnt wait to take Austin!!!  He loved it! He thought the trucks were SO LOUD! Good thing Jason brought him those ear muffs.
Cant wait to take him with Tyler!





Ladies nite with Mom!
Yes, she brought that Neck pillow INTO the restaurant AND the movie!

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