Happy Holidays!!!!

Hi Everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile... We moved and its been a little chaotic! With the holidays around the corner I figured I should post soon :) Madison recently turned 1 year old and has just been SUCH a ham! She learns new things everyday and is growing into a big, smiley, healthy girl! Some of her new tricks include blowing kisses, giving you a kiss, waving hi and bye, touching her nose and ear and pretty much mimicking any noise you can make :) She just LOVES to play the "shadow game". HA! We're coming up on her 1st real holidays where she can actually open presents, so we are looking forward to that and for those of you that may not have heard, Madison is also going to be a BIG sister in the Spring and despite what "certain" people think it IS another GIRL! So were very excited!!! I think that covers all our updates, Hope everyone has a very healthy and happy Holiday and New Year!! Below are some pics you might of missed, Hope you like the new blog :) XOXOXOXOX


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