We had a nice relaxing Weekend! We went to a craft festival on Hollywood Beach! It wasnt quite "hot" but the cool breeze was awesome!! Madison started brushing her teeth! (Her Aunt Shayna would be so proud!! :) She is not a huge fan yet but were getting there...(trying to post post some videos, having a little trouble). Madison has also learned the art of food facials! She gives herself one about everynite, its becoming to be quite a ritual...Apparently she likes the exfoliation!
Care to try my facial?? I like Orange extracts!!
Mommy and Madison hangin' on the Beach!!
SUCH a big girl!!!
This is how I brush my teefs!!


Maicie and AJ said...

Madi do you make house calls for you facials? :)

Maicie and AJ said...

We meant YOUR facials? Sorry - still working on our reading/writing!

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