Silly Silly Girl!!!

Well Madison is getting sillier and sillier by the day!! She caught a cold from Daddy last week (we all did!) :( But fortunately she is back to her wild and crazy self! We can always count on her for a laugh! Recently she has started "allowing" me to put up her hair, it makes her look sooo much older!! I cant handle it, She's growing WAY too fast! She wants to do EVERYTHING like a big kid...Hasnt had a bottle in almost 2 mos, eats ONLY what we eat, no baby anything! She's walking, repeating every noise she hears! Not too great on her "words" yet but we're getting close! She tell's her Daddy "I love you" but sounds more like Scooby talk "Ro Ruff Rue"..HA HA HA!! Getting ready for her new sister, We started practicing with one of her babies yesterday while we played. Mommy rocked the baby and Madison grabbed it out of my hands and threw it across the room (this happened a few times)....Not a good sign, LOL. We'll keep practicing and let you know how it goes.
Look at my big girl!!!

Daddy's Girl!!!

Off ALL the toys in ALL the world....


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