Day at the Beach!!

Well we had beautiful weather this weekend so we decided to venture out to the beach for an "Official" Beach Day! We have gone for lunch and such but never with Madison to really sit in the sand and play for the day. It was a BIG HIT!! We even invited Grandma and she had tons of fun! Madison was an angel all day, EVEN WITH NO NAP!! She played with her buckets, ate the sand, walked in circles around the blanket....but she would NOT, NOT, NOT put her feet down in that wet sand or water! HA HA, NO WAY! We usually find her to be quite the adventurer but this was a NO WAY! She enjoyed watching the waves and water but was not interested in "touching" :) It was kinda nice actually for us because now that she's walking, we didnt have to worry about her running away, she was very content on our blanket :) Here are some pics from our Day!
Pretty Girl! Mmmm Shovel! There was NO WAY she was putting those feet down!! Madison & Grandma Dad, Where's my bucket??


Maicie and AJ said...

What a beautiful smile Madi! You are getting SOO BIG!

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