Happy Easter!! / Happy Passover!!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT holiday!! Ours was VERY busy, thus the late update! We went to my Mom's house for a Passover Dinner during the week and then enjoyed a TON of Easter festivities over the weekend! This was Madison's first year where she was able to really partake in all the "cool stuff". We took her to see "The Bunny" at the mall and after waiting quite a bit and smiling/laughing/waving at the Easter Bunny, I thought it would be a BREEZE once we finally got up there......I WAS WRONG!! She was happily content waving and blowing kisses but sitting on a rabbit's lap??? I THINK NOT!! Mommy had to sit with her in all of her tank top and "errand shorts" glory!!! LOL Needless to say it was NOT the picture I had imagined framing :) So we had a rough start. We woke up Easter morning, had a nice breakfast, hunted eggs, painted Mommy's belly (We felt it ONLY appropriate to make an Egg Belly in a follow-up to the Pumpkin Belly we made for Madison, we had a family lunch and even some back porch chalk action!! All in all it was quite a whirlwind!!! The Easter Bunny brought Madison all kinds of things in her basket including these Butterfly stickers which she LOVED! We put them on her hands and the fascination began! She is getting bigger everyday in every way.... I see a little of her "baby" dissapearing everyday and more of a 3 year old look taking it's place..Definitely bittersweet moments. Everyday she is learning a new "word" or a new sound... Running more than walking, I can put her hair in a pony tail (OR TWO!!!!- Been waiting FOREVER for that!!), more independence, more mini tantrums...Just such a BURST of personality, her own personality is emerging right before my eyes! Ashlee will be here anyday now and we will see how the new chapter goes. Just a few more days to be a family of 3......XOXOXOXOXO Mommy, Madison & the Egg!! Hmmmm, where are these Eggs??? Ahhh HAH!!! I found some! I love to draw with Chalk! Mommy made me pig tails after my bath to surprise Daddy!!!! CHEEEESE!! Wonder if Mommy knows Dad gave me this PEEP! XOXOXOXOXO Look what I got!! Madison LOVES to read! I didnt eat it.......... See my pony tail!! :) Last pic of our family of 3!!!!


Maicie and AJ said...

I LOVE the pony tails! What a cutie! Where is the Easter bunny picture? We want to see it! :)

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