Happy, Happy Memorial Day Wkd!!

Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday weekend!! We were pretty mello at home. The weather was not too great but we were able to sneak in a bit of fun for Madison. Jason got her a few blow up pools and toys for her to go nuts with in the back yard and that she did! She had a B-L-A-S-T!! Climbing in one pool, out the other and back again! She is SUCH a water baby!! Ashlee just chilled with Mom in the shade. Ashlee is 1 mo old already! Can you believe it?? We took her to the doc and she weighed in at a hefty 8lbs 14oz and was 21.5" tall!! About 1lb bigger than last week! All Mommy's milk does her a body good :) Madison has been doing new things everyday. She's very into wearing Mommy's shoes but only the flip flops and often fumbles getting her tootsies in right, she gets frustrated and throws them at me to put them on her, LOL. Here are some pics and video's from the wkd! Mama & Ashlee Hi-5!!! What? You never see a kid try to get out of a pool before?? This is what you call a WIPE OUT!! Mom, Ashlee & Titi Naina Im ready Dad!!! Weeeeeeeeeee! This is AWESOME!!!!! Cause' Im a Supermodel! My Butterball Baby! Put them on Mom! Dont make me roll my eyes!!!!! Pet Snake! Mommy's Shoes! (This is NOT the same video)


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