Puppy Dogs & Rainbows??? NAH!!!

Well let see....It's nice to be back home in your own element, your own bed with your own stuff! As nice as vaca's are, they are not HOME :) So now that we're all settled and unwound things are starting to get back to normal. Madison is still diving head first into her "2's"..YIKES! and even took her 1st trip to TIME OUT today! Needless to say, she was NOT a fan! I gave her a few warnings but figured now was as good a time as any to try it out. It wasnt so bad, she sat there for a good minute and then came and gave me a kiss. I mean really, TIME OUT??? I just cant believe how big she is and grown up. She repeats what you say and all our gestures. We had a laugh the other nite because we always tell her "Excuse You" when she burps or farts outloud(Yes! She's a farter!) Well since she's turned into such a parrot I figure we better stop that because I think I would just DIE if someone burped outloud and she said "Excuse You!" to them. LOL She dances along to the dances on her cartoons and even has learned almost ALL her body parts! I cant believe she's going to be 2 YEARS OLD, its just so bittersweet! Bringing up the rear in all her 3 MONTH OLD GLORY! is Miss. Ashlee. Yes she's 3 mos old today and I swear must weigh like 20 lbs! HA! just kidding but seriously she's is a chunky monkey already! PORKCHOP II :) She's "coo'ing" all the time and just smiles all day! Her sleeping habits are getting better everyday. She goes down around 9pm and wakes around 5am, except of course when Daddy babysat on Saturday nite (Mommy went out) and she slept till 7AM!!!!!!!!!! Whatever the heck that was about! I did NOT appreciate it! So 2 under 2 is DEFINITELY an experience in itself and a major task. There's always a butt to wipe, a mouth to clean, a tear to dry, etc. Mommy time is a distant memory except maybe, when I feel the urge to pee and actually remember to close the door!! Even then I find these these tiny fingers flailing around under the door :) Inspite of all that I couldnt imagine a more rewarding job! MOM!!!!!! I want to play tooo! NO! Im NOT to big! Me Chinese! (She doesnt even look like the same kid) Madison has the CRAZIEST bed head! Alf Alfa! Sleepy Girl, Just like Daddy! Where's your Mouth? Where's your Feet? Where's your Ear? Where's your Boobies?? LOL Where's your Eyes?? Where's your Hair??


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