Hangin' Out!!

This Summer is flying by and we've been staying pretty active...Always trying to keep the girls entertained is no easy task :) We've checked out a few local parks, museums and stuff like that. So far our kids like going ANYWHERE! LOL We went to Hollywood Beach to check out their new Fun Fountains at Charnow Park! It was VERY cute with nice pavillions where the parents could hang while the kids ran through all the fountains. Madison just loves anything water related so she had a ball and Ashlee chilled out with Mama! Ashlee has just turned into a ball of smiles lately. She is pretty much sleeping through every nite which is AWESOME! Yay! We go to her 4 mos appt next week and can hopefully start cereal and solid foods...SO EXCITING! lol lol Now comes the REAL mess :) Madison is as CRAZY as ever! Still not a huge talker but I can definitely see a big change in her vocabulary as far as sounds and trying new words, etc. Im sure Ill want her to shut up in no time :) so Im enjoying these last few weeks of shrieking and babbling! LOL She plays with Ash more and more everyday and wants to "help" all the time. I cant believe shes going to be 2 in 2 mos!! She's just getting soo big right before my eyes! My Blue Eyed Girl! Guarding the Cooler!! I promise she isnt playing in a Drain! Thats a FOUNTAIN!!! ROCK ON!!! xoxoxoxo Who doesnt love baby feet?? Pop was NOT pleased! I told him not to shake her! OMG!!! Nana is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Angel! Here's looking at you kid!!


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