Playtime & Piercings!

Hey Hey!! We have been SO BUSY with everything going on, I wanted to take a sec to catch you up on the girlies! Hope everyone is well :) Madison is changing everyday. Her new sounds and facial expressions are just growing tremendously! She always keeps us laughing! Ashlee started eating cereal and LOVES it!! Although she makes QUITE a mess, its very entertaining. We also had her ears pierced and she just looks cuter than EVER!!! We took them to my Dad's house for the Jewish Holiday and had Dinner. He just LOVES spending time with them and they're all just so adorable to watch!! Madison was NOT a fan of the train!! :( If your happy & you know it, THEN YOUR FACE WILL SURELY SHOW IT!! Before..... After!!!! YUMM YUMM!!! See Madison's hand? LOL Nana and Ashlee Sister Love! She's PIERCED!!!


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