Fun in the Fall!

I cant believe it's OCTOBER!!!! That means so many things I'm not ready for are right around the corner! HA HA! So much going on and events to plan for, it's enough to make your head spin. At least Madison's Birthday is pretty much all squared away. Im sure the rest will fall into place :) Madison has been a busy, busy girl. Her schedule has included major time on her new back yard slide, a few playdates and some Art Projects. Plus, Lets not forget the MOST important part.......... We have BEGUN Potty Training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right! Madison is the new owner of her very own potty and asks to use it ALL.THE.TIME!! She's a potty lover, what can I say? She reads her books and then sits to DO her business. It's quite HILARIOUS to see. She's just getting TOO big!! ::sniffle, sniffle:: Ashlee is 5 mos old already!! It's just INSANE how fast she's growing. She can scoot around all over if you put her on the floor and LOVES to play and "hold" her sister. She's still sleeping thru the nite. Thankfully BOTH girls are awesome sleepers...About 8/8:30pm-8/8:30am which is soooo nice!! She's holding toys and LOVES to laugh at all the funny things Madison does! We are so blessed! MMmmmm Pudding!!! Wanna try some?? You won't be sorry!! Just hangin' with my Cuz! Bathtime FUN!! Hmm some interesting reading......... Lovin' some Tummy Time! Ummm, Madison...I think you're too big for that!! Soo creative!! Fun with friends! What a pretty load!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Really cute! They are getting so big so fast!

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