Pigtails & Playgrounds!!!

Hey Guys!! Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL week!!
Mommy has been CRAZY busy with work, Jason, the kiddos and a new side biz I started.  If you know me at all, you know I LIVE for parties..Well, I decided not to let my talent go to waste and started offering my graphics, ideas, etc. to other Mom's who need a little inspiration!!  It has been a HUGE hit and I've had a lot of fun making these parties so special.  As if I needed anything else to jam into my schedule, but I just LOVE it and my new clients have enjoyed my work so much that it makes it all worth it!   Grins and Giggles Designs

The girls are WONDERFUL! Madison talks NON STOP!  She is quite the backseat driver including "Seat belt Mom, Green means go, Let's go cars, Slow for yellow, etc. and my personal favorite...NO DANCING MOM!! or  NO! NO MORE SINGING!"  Ha! Ha!
She is learning to manipulate you and control her voice when she's asking for things she wants but knows she isnt allowed...it melts me :)   This morning when I went into her room to get her out of bed she told me "Good Morning Mommy, Buenos Dias...I need brek-ast (breakfast), and I need ced-e-al (cereal), AND! I need jejjy beans (jelly beans) AND (in her most high pitched voice with a head tilt) I need pock-e-tals! (popsicles).  Pock-e-tals are pretty colors Mom."      Ah Geeze, I just laugh and laugh!!  Such PRICELESS Moments!!

They are playing SO WELL together.  Its so fun (and funny) to watch...They chase each other around the house, all over, up and down..They giggle like NO TOMORROW....They play hide and seek and Madison is still doing really well with sharing.. They play and love each other just like I imagined they would when I was pregnant with Ashlee and to actually see them in real life, just like I pictured, is just....more than I could ask for.   They're just AMAZING!!  We are so blessed :)  

(Sorry that got so sappy, HA!! Here are some cutie pics to lighten the mood!)

My Princess with her 1st Pigtails!!!!

Higher, Daddy!!!!!!

Ashlee can't get ENOUGH of the swings!

Madison is also a HUGE fan!!!

Our little DAREDEVIL!!

Being silly at home <3

Ashlee still likes the Doctor, Madison is WELL aware of what happens here, LOL!

Waiting, Waiting...Mmm Mom, let me try that Mocha Frap!

Such a Big girl!!


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