Family Time, Football & F-U-N!!

Hey all!!  Hope its all going great!! 
We havent been doing too much, little here, little there...We went to My Mom's to celebrate the holiday and had a nice dinner.  The girls love hanging out with family and Nana has "new" toys!
Anthony had another football game so we went to cheer him on in all our Bronco glory! He loves when the girls come to watch so its always fun!  Madison cant wait til we get there so she can say "Go Go Go BRONCO'S!!!!"   Its adorable!
Madison is getting a little picky in her eating so Mommy has had to get a little creative!  She LOVES our "cute lunches" and asks for new "scenes" everyday!  I gotta cut it up anyway, may as well arrange it into something fun! HA!  It has worked tremendously!
Hope everyone is having a happy, healthy week!!

Ooooh I like new toys!!

Ashlee & Nana!

The new "Cheese" face....isnt it wonderful!! HA!

Daddy & Ashlee

Ahhhh wine..Oh how Ive missed you <3

The Boys!

Peace out Homies!


You cant see me Mommy!!!

She's delirious!!

Rockin' the side ponytail!

Fav game in our house are box rides!! 
More like box TORPEDO's!!

Goooooo ANTHONY!!!

My girl <3


Already checkin' out the boys!!!   :::sigh:::

Lookin' good Mommy!!

Best cousins!!!

Dolphin sandwiches, cranberry ocean floor, banana & carrot sun!

Rainbow pancakes, strawberries & yogurt!

Orange & pretzel palm tree, yogurt pineapples, ham & cheese star floor!

Peanut butter cracker flower with cranberry center, stem & cheese grass!


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