Football & Fun at the Zoo!!!

Hey Everyone!! Hope you had a terrific Holiday weekend!  We have been keeping busy as usual...Anthony started football this season, so most Saturday mornings we go cheer him on.  The girls love watching him play and saying "Goooo Anthony!!!"
We decided to take the girls to the Zoo over the weekend and we invited Grandpa & Grannie to come along.  The day started pretty warm (as you might imagine), but after a little sprinkle the air cooled off and it was a beautiful overcast day!  (Only down here do you hear "beautiful" and "overcast" in the same sentence!!) 
We all had a great time!!  Much better than my last experience at the zoo when I was 3 wks away from having Ashlee!! (Dont even ASK what I was thinking!!)  There was soo much to see and Madison was in awe of everything!! We got to feed the birds and some goats, too.  Even though we had our stroller, Madison wanted to walk and that she did.  She was SUCH a trooper...she walked almost the entire park without hesitation.  There were no fits, no meltdowns,etc.  They were both on their best behavior and it made for a really nice day!!
Here's some pics from our adventures!!!

To get the kids into the spirit before Ant's game, Mommy made
Blue & Orange pancakes!!  Go Davie Bronco's!!!  #21


BLUE!!!   (these are their "WE LOVE IT MOM!!" faces)

Clapping for Anthony!!  Woot!!

Cheering in style!!

Lemonade Ice!!! Our game day tradition!! LOL

CHEEESE!!!  Go Anthony!!

Madison & Grandpa ready for the Zoo!

Feeding the birds with Daddy!!


Baby's have NO FEAR!!!
You want me to stick my hand in a bee's nest??? SURE!!!

Lazy dayz in the Bear Fence!

Mom & Dad

Madison LOVED the Elephants!!

Time for Lunch!!

Grannie & Mom

This is how I feel somedays by 8pm!!!

Family <3

Daddy's Girl!

Definitely the highlight of our trip!!
"What dey doin' Mom??  Ummm, Dancing?  YES!! Definitely DANCING!!!"

See ya later Zoo!!!


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