Busy, Busy Bee's!!

Hey ALL!  Hope everyone is doing well :)  This update will probably be a little on the shorter side. (You're shocked! I can tell :)) The girls are amazing and learning new things everyday.. We have been mighty busy lately and it feels like its going to stay like this until Jan 1st (lord help me!!).  We have been to a few parks, it was Shaina's birthday, we went to the beach, carnival for Anthony's homecoming, dinner with friends, tons of play time at home, all of Anthony's football games, visiting Pop as he's recovers, visited the Pumpkin Patch, and on, and on, and on :)   It has definitely been FUN but Mommy needs a NAP!

NOT TO MENTION, our little princess Madison had her 3rd BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Ahhhhh!!!!
The party was a ton of fun. All her friends and family came out to celebrate! The weather held out and we had a great day with LOADS of Barnyard FUN!!!!
Here's a link with a "good amount" of pics...I have tons more if anyone wants anything specific!

Such a CUTIE!!



Carnival FUN!!

Ready for my ride Mom!!!



Watering the grass with Dad

Goooo Anthony!!!

My  Angel

Pick a good one!!
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Mama's girl!!
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Kissy 4 Sissy!
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