Disney FUN!!

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season! Who can believe the holidays are upon us! What a crazy-nuts time...I mean Blessing :)

We just got back from Disney..getting to be an annual trip with us...The girls had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!! We were joined by Nana, Titi, Mima, & Poppi, who also seemed to have fun riding with the kiddo's!!
Although it was SUPER COLD, the parks were BEAUTIFUL and we still managed to do almost everything. We visited Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Sea World & Animal Kingdom. There was TONS to do and we soaked it all up :)
I took about a million pictures on this trip, even after all my deletes :) This post may be a bit overboard on pics but I just couldn't choose a few and I figured you guys wouldn't mind :)

As you will see, the girls are growing by leaps and bounds. Ashlee is talking up a storm and is starting to put words together. They are SO adorable together and SUPER loving...We're definitely enjoying this time!

Hope everyone has a chance to slow down and really enjoy the season with your families! XOXOXOXOX

Having FUN in hotel room closets!!

Beautiful Girl :)

Best Friends!

Cheesin' with Mr. Otter

Skipping, hopping, jumping.. (they were a TAD happy to be there!)

Feeding stingrays!

Whoa Mom!! Look what Dad won for us!!

Pretty Girls!

Tickle Time..

Just 1 minute Mom....says her royal CUTENESS!!

Polar Bear FUN!

Posing with Santa's sleigh!

Ashlee found a new spot to ride on her stroller, on top of it, of course!

They played a penguin game in the arctic by picking their own rubber penguin and winning a prize!

Lovin' the prizes they won THEMSELVES!

Hangin' with our Einstein Friends!

A highlight for the kids!!  Hi-5's with Woody!!

The Magic Makers :)

The Crew :)

Osbourne Spectacle of Lights = AMAZING!!

Family Pose!

Have you ever seen 5 princesses in 1 pic before??  :)  B-E-A-Utiful!

2 princesses ;)

One nite it was SO cold we had to leave. Ash was a little fussy and Jay started blowing on her face...I guess the heat calmed her and she passed RIGHT OUT in his arms while we were walking....Maybe it was his breath!  HA!


Lilo & Stitch!!

Posing with the Donald!

A little too tight, Goofy!
Sleepy Girl Madison (this NEVER happens!)


 Tree of Life

Rididng the DINO rides!!

 Silly girl!!  Watching the parade and KILLING her Mother.


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