Holidays and Happy Times!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the holiday at home and invited everyone to join us. It was nice and relaxing. The kids played all day, they had PLENTY of people to wear them out!!

Madison LOVES Santa's Enchanted Forest, Maybe ALMOST as much as her Daddy! (HA!) so we have visited a few times. They cant get enough!
Tomorrow we are leaving to go see the Mouse! Madison is super "cited" about going on "dacation"! It's all she can talk about, so thankfully we'll be able to start the "are we there yet's" first thing in the morning ;) Whoo Hoo!! (insert sarcasm).
I'm just praying we have a nice peaceful ride and LOTS of DVD's ;)
Ashlee is "talking" sooo much these days and has about a handful of 3 and 4 letter words. Her and Madison have the funniest conversations :)

Here are some pics of the last few weeks!!   There are a lot that Im leaving out but Im in a rush and for some reason the site is giving me some trouble...(Notice how crappy these pics look, LOL!)
We saw SANTA at the craft show!!


Looking at Madison's scrapbooks with Pop!!

Girl Time!

Group Pic!! Sayyyyy TURKEY!!!

The chaperones!

Heaven on earth!


Sharing ice cream!  So nice!


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