BIG, BIG Girls!!!

Hey everyone...Hope you all had a WONDERFUL week!
We have been doing a little here, little there.  Madison is still doing great with her potty training and hasnt had any accidents. Ashlee is also a particpant in the process...she provides the paper and she's the "official flusher".  If I can just teach her how to wipe, I could leave these kids and head to the beach! HAAAA!!
Ashlee is saying new words everyday and even a little counting.  She is so precious and getting so big.  Not a baby anymore ::sigh::  Now I have 2 big girls who want to do EVERYTHING themselves!
Madison has been INSISTING on dressing herself every morning, which is such a pain in the ass, joy! LOL
She's VERY specific about what she wants to wear, matching or NOT and I have discovered that her TRUE favorite color is PINK!  She wants to wear pink EVERYDAY, stripes and polka dots together, plaid and prints, anything GOES!!  You may have to start excusing our further pics!
My Dad celebrated a birthday so we took him to dinner last week with his 2 little princesses...We had a nice time and the girls love playing with him.
Madison had been asking to visit the zoo for a little while so we took her last week.  She walked almost the whole time and only sat in the stroller for snacks.  She's learning so many new things and she always cracks us up with her funny little antics.  Here are some of her Madison-isms:
  • While I was getting ready for dinner she said "Mom, Madison's in the house" Ha!!
  • I asked her to go poop before we left the house and she said " No thanks Mom, I just pooped on Sunday"
  • "Mom, I broke my wand (princess wand)...I need a new one so I can be in a rock band!"
  • When I was laying on the couch...."Make sure you have sweet dreams Mom, then I put this ribbon under your pillow and the tooth fairy will bring you sweet dreams!"
  • "Mom, did you hear that butt noise??"
  • "Im going to plant these flowers for Daddy so they grow into a beanstalk!"
  • "Come here Ashlee you smell, let me see if you have poop.... (THEN SCREAMING) Ashlee has poop Mom, you NEEEEED to change her right NOW!"
  • Chasing Ashlee around the house screaming "Get back here little missy!"
I could go on forever and I try to write them all down although Im sure Im missing a million!

Ride that Elephant GIRLY!!
Ashlee's Monkey Call!!
Go Elephant GO!!
The only pic I got of the day :)  LOL
Mommy's BIG GIRL!!!
How cute is this baby hippo they had!!!
A baby & A Mama!!   Madison thought it was "the cutest eva!!" LOL
Daddy is trying to convince Ashlee to join the water FUN!!!

Hmmmmm...Im thinking....NO!

She doesnt need her partner to have FUN!!

I see you water....Come out...come out!

Playing in the fountains...quite funny for us to watch!!

My little adventurer!


Taking in the scenery.....

Playdate at the Park--- 2 little monkeys!

Rock climbing!!!

My princesses! xoxoxoxo

Showing Dad who wear the big shoes in the family!!

Hi 5's for the Cow at Chick-fil-A
(out of focus but it was SO cute!)

Taking pics in the yard before leaving for dinner :)
Practicing on moving toddlers is NO easy task!
Can you tell who is more cooperative???


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