Late, Late, Late!

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Mother's Day!! I didnt think this post was THAT late but I guess I also didnt realize how much stuff we've done in the last few wks. We celebrated Passover at Nana's House and then Easter Brunch and Egg hunting! We've had a few pool days (because its all the girls can do, not to swim in the sink!! LOL). We celebrated Mima's birthday and then Mother's Day!!
We had a wonderful Mother's Day!! Daddy made me pancakes and even cut them out to say "LOVE MOM" cute! Madison & Ashlee decorated coffee mugs for me and Daddy got me perfume and some clothes. We went to the beach with Nana, Uncle Jordi, Granny & Grandpa. It was a GORGEOUS day...We had pizza and ice cream. The girls walked on the shore and we built sand castles. It was picture perfect weather and I couldnt have asked for more. Thank you hunny for making Mother's Day so special and loving me SO much :) We are all so blessed!!
Tons of pics, so ta ta for now :)

Passover Dinner @ Nana's :)
Off to see the Bunny :)
Playing at home after Easter Brunch!
Teaching bad habits ;)
Our Pretty Girl!
Ready for DOMINO's!!!
Mom & Dad :)
We celebrated Mima's Bday also, since she was leaving for an AWESOME Trip!
Ashlee LOVES her Anthony!!
Coloring Eggs with Daddy!
Im a PRO, Mom!
Off to HUNT!
Just loved how "sneaky" she looked in this pic, stealing that egg!
She's an EGG-cellent hunter...Bwhahahahah!
Birthday cake for Mima!
Our pretty Girls!
What happens when you unstrap yourself, and then fall in, Butt first??
YOU GET STUCK!!!!! lol
My water Babies!! All 3 of them!!
Running through her new water hopskotch mat!
I see you lookin' at me, lookin' at you, lookin' at me ;)
Getting ready for the Teddy Bear Parade!!!!
Such a BIG GIRL walking in the parade!!!
Daddy thought it would be "Oh so much fun" to go "camping"!
So....TA-DA!!!! We camped :) In door style :)
I LOVE Camping, Mom!
Tickle Time!
Pillow Talk :)
We love Daddy, THIIIIIIIIIS MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy's M-Day Pancakes!
Dare I say the man is getting crafty???
He bought these letters and put them on the bag with Madison! LOLLL
Mother's Beach Day!
Sharing is Caring :) LOL
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day, Mitzi.
CHEERS for all you Mother's ;)
Partners in Crime!
Its a little windy Mom!


Nana said...

AWESOME Pictures. Dani your creative efforts are endless. LOVE & HAPPINESS overflows in every PHOTO. You have a beautiful family.

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