Swimming, Camp & Soiree's!

Summer is definitely here, with a vengeance!! It is MEGA-MELTING hot outside, almost everyday, even into the evening! I feel like I cant even go get the mail without coming in with that "outside" smell..BARF!! Needless to say, we've been staying as close to the water OR the air conditioning as possible!!
Last week was a super busy week on the social calendar. We had 2 birthday parties, a graduation party, Father's Day AND Madison & Ashlee went to VBS all week long. It was a work out!
The girls (especially Madison), LOOOOOVED VBS; too bad it was only 1 week long. She sang songs, learned new things, played games and made some super cute art projects. She talked about it all.day.long until it was time to go.
She will be starting dance camp soon so that will be super fun for her, as she LOVES to sing and dance!
The girls are doing SO well. Ashlee is speaking in paragraphs now and says the FUNNIEST things...Madison is her little mother and makes sure to tell her when she's getting "out of line".
We celebrated Kate's 18th Birthday and Graduation at Tree Tops Park! We're SO proud of her and continue to wish her well in her next big chapter.
Mommy & Daddy had a few nites out which were soo nice. We celebrated Gene's 40th Birthday at Shooters and had a GREAT time! Angelo's birthday party was the next day with more fun in the SUN (or overcast shade-but Im not complaining). The kids LOVE playing together. Angelo & Denice have a HUGE playroom that they could just get lost in with all the toys! It was fun to catch up with some friends we hadnt seen in awhile!
Hard Rock hosted a concert with Phil Vassar that we snuck over to catch. It was an awesome show, so glad we went!
On Sunday Madison & Ashlee had a little dance & song performance that she learned in VBS so we went to watch her show off with the other kids. We spent the remainder of the day at my Dads so he could visit with the girls and just chilled out. By Sunday we were B.E.A.T and ready for an early bedtime.
Hope everyone had a wonderful, productive week!! xoxoxoxoxo

My Beauty!
Let game nite...BEGIN!!!
Madison, You're blocking my shot!!
"I know Mom!"
Im ready Mommy!!!!
My little fish LOOOOOOOVES the water!!
Shooting rockets at VBS!!
Yup folks!!! She's allll mine!!!! LOL
Hello out there...can you hear me????
How do these work exactly???
Am I coming in clear????
Getting ready for FUN!!!
Date Nite! xoxo
Happy Birthday Angelo!!!
Congrats Kate!!!!
Cheeseball for SURE!!!!
Always "cool" Uncle Tom & Ashlee
Happy Father's Day Daddy!! You're the BEST!!!
Rain, rain, go awayyyyyy!
My Daddy ;)
Checkin' out Grandpa's new massage chair-
I think they're DONE with this week!!!


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