Swimming & Stuff.....

What'sssssssssss upppppppp!!!!!!!
Hope everyone had an AWESOME weekend :)
Nothing super amazing to report here..just hanging out, entertaining the kiddo's. We've been swimming a lot because of the UNBELIEVABLE heat and trying to stay cool. The girls have been very good and they are getting SO big! They're such a JOY to watch and listen to.
Ashlee is Madison's little shadow and Madison is mine. We make QUITE the conga line, moving through the house ;) I hope they follow me FOREVER ::sigh::, although somedays I find myself darting and weaving so as not to be seen by tiny eyes..HA!
We celebrated Jason's cousin, Ryan's Graduation at Aunt Jane's house. So nice to see family from out of town and reconnect. Everyone enjoys seeing the girls so its always a treat. It was a gorgeous day and Madison & Ashlee couldnt get enough pool time!
Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend and a productive week!
Look at that FACE!!!
Mmmm pizza on the beach with Titi's Favorite girl!
Time for GELATO!!!!
No more pictures please LOL
Madison LOVES to blow bubbles, she would do it ALL DAY LONG!!
We had a Mommy duck lay eggs and then take off...They finally hatched and we got 5 baby duckies to feed and take care of..Wonderful! LOL
The girls BFF!!
Go big or go HOME!!
Super cute Grad cupcakes we made for Ryan c/o 2011!!!
Having fun at Aunt Jane's!
Flyin' high w. Uncle Eddie!

The Grad himself!
Bwhahahahahaha! Whoops!!

Proud faces!
Daddy's always teach the bad tricks! LOL


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