Hold onto your hats!!

The end of July and all through August have been.... how do you say? Aug-sausting!! LOL -- We have been going non stop with NEVER a dull moment! House hunting is amazingly AWFUL exciting!!(LOL) We went and had dinner on the beach (one of our favorites!), Madison (such a BIG Girl) went to Dance Camp for the first time!!, Ashlee is potty training, Anthony started football, so we've been at his games and practices. We hula'd over to a super fun LUAU!, hung out with ROYALTY at an adorable Princess Party, Uncle Tom celebrated another birthday so we went to cheer on the old age :) Mom, Dad, Melissa & Aunt Linda all went to see Kellie Pickler in concert! That was a FUN nite out!!
Let's see, what else.... I think that might be it, plus all the silly fun we have at home!!
The girls are getting SOOO BIG and SOOO SMART! They have certainly stumped us a few times already! Ashlee can say all her letters and sounds...she is a little parrot and definitely Madison's mini me. They are still playing nicely together with plenty of "thats MINE!!!!! moments", thats when Jay and I get our shots in ;) (J/K) Who ever says they parent without knocking a few back is LYING ;)
We're still working on our inside voices because the level can get pretty insane, especially before dinner. Other than that, we cant complain! Hope everyone is having an amazing and QUIET week ;)

Ready to LUAU!

Daddy's Hula Girl :)

Hula Hoop lessons from a pro ;)


Happy Birthday Uncle Tom!

Our Family!

Waiting for M's recital to start!! Eeeek!

After a little coaxing and stage fright, she came out to do her number :)

Taking a bow.

I DID IT!!!!

A "good job" hug from sissy!

Riding Bikes!!

A Princess Party!!!

Silly Sticker fun!! Who needs a sticker book!

Gooo Anthony Go!!


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