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Hey People! Hope all is well with everyone. We are welcoming fall with open arms and counting the days til' cooler weather arrives. Lots of fun stuff coming up like our annual holiday Disney trip in November, a few concerts, some WAY cooler, WAY exciting news we hope to announce soon, lots of harvest festivals, haunted houses, Madison's 4th birthday (Eeeek!), Halloween and on, and on, and on!!
Here are some pics from the last few weeks.
We visited a Food truck show which was WAY cool, cant wait til the next one! A friend gave us some last minute tickes to see Elmo Live. Since we only had 2, I took Madison on a Mommy and Madison day. She had such a good time and really enjoyed the show!
Ashlee finally had her photoshoot from the contest she won and we played a lot all over town! They are BOTH getting SOOO big. Truly. It doesnt help that they both KNOW how grown they are and ARENT! They take NO hesitation in letting me know how it is, too. Here are some of the latest snippets, that I can remember! Moving right along... XOXOXOXOXO

Me: Madison, stop jumping on the couch!
Madison: No talking Mom. This is the no talking game. :::Its soooo hard not to laugh::::

(Watching Mickey Mouse)
A: Mom! Mickey Mouse lost his flash light, just like Me!!
Me: You lost your flash light???? ::gasp::
A: No, but Max & Ruby did yesterday! LOLLLL

"Uh oh the Table clock is falling!!!" -Ashlee (LOLLLLL ::tablecloth::)

M: Mommmmmm, Im SOOO hungry!! Can I have chips or cheese its?
Me: No, no more junk, if you're hungry Ill make you a sandwich.
M: But I just ate my sandwich....
Me: Its ok, Ill make you another one.
M: No, thanks...I can only have 1 at a time, how about chocolate?
:::smacks forehead::: LOL

"What do you get when you cross a crocodile and........ummm...a CHICKEN!!!???? A croc-a-doodle-doo!" -Madison

At the Food Truck Frenzy, Scarfin' downnnnn!
Daddy always catches Mama lookin' SEXY!!

Umm, SNOWCONE anyone?? Or AVALANCHE maybe?
Hee hee
Nom, Nom, Nom...
Poppi was not paying attn, so Madison put him in time out!
He's such a sport ;)
Playing in the driveway water, while Daddy was pressure cleaning it!

I went to check on my little napper and found Exhibit A. LOLL
We got last minute tix to see Elmo LIVE! We only got 2 so I took Madison and she had SUCH a good time!! So glad we went.

Our new "smile"..Love these smile stages!
We started like this...
But it didnt take long for her to break it down!! ;)

Mama's Girl!

Cheesin' with her Elmo toy & Cotton candy!!

Ashlee won a contest and had a photo shoot for a local boutique. Here are some pics I snuck while they were shooting :)

Swimming on Vacation!

My Little Super Star :)

Dancin' Fools..

Ft. Myers Beach


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