Happy Birthday Madison Riley!!!!

This update is going to be a little sooner then usual. We are leaving tomorrow to go see "The Mouse" and I know my next update will have a TON of pics, so I wanted to space it out a bit :) You dont mind, do you??? Awesome!!
We had a SUPER busy weekend with a friends birthday on Saturday and then Madison's big buccaneer bash on Sunday!! Unfortunately, we had UNBELIEVABLE winds and I wasnt able to put out 90% of all the cute stuff we made.  ::cry::   We made it work and it was still OK but I was a little sad that all our stuff went to waste.
Aside from that, everyone seemed to have a nice time and Madison & Ashlee, of course, had a BLASSSSST!!! Everybody was so generous and she received many wonderful gifts. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who could make it or sent their best to our BIG GIRL!!   Here are a few pics of the wkd and her party...The rest are here!! Enjoy!! 

Waiting for Princess Dani so we could start the royal celebration!!
Hmmmm, which dress should I wear to the ball??
Let's try some fancy slippers, Mom!!
Every princess needs a little color :)
Check me out!! SUPA STAR!!!!
This is sooo Madison!  Forget the party, let's see whats in all these nifty drawers that are JUST my height :)
2 Princesses :)
This might have been my best picture of the party!  How does a teeny princess use the restroom in her ball gown??  Well, just like this of course!!  Wiping?  Not so easy ;)
Painted nails are so RAD!!
May I have a spot of tea please?  ::Said in my best english accent::
Happy birthday Captain Madison!!  We cant believe that you're 4 years old and soooooooo big!! Mommy & Daddy love you SO much!! xoxoxox
Time to pin the coin on the "X"
Our 2 precious Pirates!
Make a good wish :)
All of our pirate friends :)
Ashlee LOVES getting her face and body painted :)
Our Family :)


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