Holiday Disney Vacation!!!!

Every year we take a getaway to the  Mouse House to visit our friends :)  This year was NO exception.  Some of the family joined us and we headed off for a little over a week.  Some say its too long, but we like it because it gives everyone a few days to come up and we can just chill, visit all the parks with no rush.  Works for us :)   This year my Dad came.  He has never vacationed with the girls so it was an EXTRA special treat!  Thanks Grandpa :)
I took a trillion pics, as you may have guessed so Ill post as many as I can or until I get bored! HA!
The girls were having so much fun, they BOTH fell asleep during the nite time parade...If that werent funny and Awww! enough...Did I mention that Ashlee was on Poppi's shoulders and Madison was on Uncle Jordi's shoulders when they passed out?? LOLLL  Yep!!    Madison was so aware of all the character's this year and all that was going on.  When we were in line to take our pic with Handy Manny he stepped away for a min. and Madison asked me where he went.  I told her he had to go potty, to which she replied "How can he go potty without a real butt?" Lolllll

This was the girls BEST trip yet! They were able to ride a ton of the rides and we enjoyed every.single.part!  We even braved the Haunted Mansion and they LOVED it! 
We went the whole week with no naps, 9p bedtimes and 630a wake up times- (stupid sun) Ahhhhhh!!! I cant complain though because they were sooo good!  Maybe 1-2 tantrums...but, Ill take it!
Cant wait til' next year! Enjoy the pics :)  

A little snippet from Madison, the entertainer!

Me: Madison stop trying to scare your sister! Tell her your just pretending...
Her: ((screetching)) Im not pretending Mom! Im "realin'"!!

Getting fuel to start the SUPER FUN day!!


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