Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah or just Happy Drunken Weekend!! (whatever you're into!) We prefer all 3! Hope everyone's was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! (As the girls would say, or spell) We had a nice holiday! My annual baking nite was at Aunt Linda's this year! It was quite the yummy nite and she "volunteered" to let me make my mess masterpieces there! Woot! We made brownie stuffed oreos, chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate dipped marshmallows, pumpkin cheesecake caramel bites, chocolate crinkle cookies, cake balls, & whoppie pies! DEELISH!!
On Christmas Eve we went BACK to Aunt Linda's (our biggest fan!) to hang out with "Mewissa" & "Carwos" and the rest of the Duke's! It was a nice evening and the girls ran around all nite! Aunt Linda & Uncle Tom got them super cool sleeping bags and tents so, OF COURSE!, we camped out in the living room all.nite.long! Getting the girls to sleep in the tent so we could have movie nite, was another story ENTIRELY! Definitely memories we will keep FOREVER! "Psssst....Helloooooo Car-wos" - Ashlee Bree.
On Christmas morning the girls were MEGA excited. Madison knew that Santa had come and she RACED in our room to wake us. The girls are soo blessed and received many fun presents to open and enjoy!! Mima got me a donut maker I had been wanting and even prepared the batter the nite before so we could have them right away! (She's a little sneaky...I didnt even notice it in the fridge!) Needless to say we MAY or MAY NOT have been enjoying donuts every morning since then :/
After we all got cleaned up, we gathered at Jennifer's house with the rest of the family to continue the traditions!
Ashlee is OFFICIALLY potty trained and we couldnt be more proud of her! I really only half way tried with her. I didnt think she would be "on board" since Madison wasnt a fan until she was a GOOD 3yrs old. Ashlee was a CHAMP though, and even by the 3rd day, she was going on her own. We ran errands the other day (about 5 stores) and probably used the potty 3-4 times (her 1st public bathrm experience, actually using the toilet), and I put paper down each time on the toilets. The next day she was going at home and I walked in on her putting strips of paper on the toilet! HAAAAAA!! It was just.the.cutest!!!
They are just the best girls we could have ever asked for and we feel so blessed. They are HYSSSSTERICAL and keep us laughing all.the.time! Madison says and thinks the most random things (she's very literal) and Ashlee ALWAYS follows suit! Ashlee's favorite color is PURPLE and she wants everyyyyyything to be purple...her clothes, her panties, her shoes, her toys, her hairties, her plate, her cup, etc. Madison is SO loving with her. It gives me so much pleasure to watch them laugh, interact and play. The days go by SO incredibly fast and they're just growing faster then I can watch. We know that we'll never get this time back with them so we try to stay as active as possible. If you're looking for me, Ill be searching for the pause button to soak it all in.

An ADULT nite at Santa's Forest! Funnn & Food! (Just food for me LOLLL)

We went to a Movie under the Stars party and watched Elf! outside on a huge screen! The kids drank hot chocolate & ate popcorn. After it was over, they were SUPER SHOCKED to see Santa arrive on the Firetruck with a HUGE sack of presents for all the boys and girls!!

On our way to see Santa at the North Pole!

It's almost our turn.....

Look at those huuuuge fish!!!

In the sharks mouth...Ahhhhhhh!!!

Shooting practice!

Hi Santa!!! Hmmm...What do we want....?

Best Friends!

My little fairy at our friends birthday party!!!

Our BIG girl going Potty!!!

Holding hands for Moral Support! LOL

Straightening up at Aunt Linda's!


Madison made the cuutest ornament for us!!


A sleeping bag?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this tent!!!!!


Girl Time!

Daddy's Favorite things!

Ashlee was so excited about her new panties, she INSISTED on wearing both pairs...AT ONCE!

A new racetrack!
Family Time
Happy Everything xoxoxoxoxoo


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