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Hope everyone is still ALIVE through all this Holiday madness joy.  We have been VERY busy this Holiday Season.  Ashlee is potty training this week and doing SO WELL!! We are very excited about that!!
We collected donations and participated in our Annual Toy Drive that my office organizes.  This year we all came together and were able to provide toys for Elementary School kids, in inner city areas (of South Florida), at 3 schools!! Over 1,000 toys were bought, wrapped and distributed.  Its a real treat to be apart of something like that!
Our friends had a Movie Nite Under the Stars in their backyard and a surprise guest..SANTA! arrived on a firetruck with BAGS of gifts for the kids!! They were SUPER excited and had the BEST time!  They watched Elf! (my favorite holiday movie, for sure!), ate popcorn, drank hot chocolate and played all.nite.long!!
We had our 1st ANNUAL Gingerbread Party Decorating Contest last wkd.  it was a HUUUUGE Hit!!!  Definitely a new tradition that we cant wait to continue.  Everyone brought their own (pre-built) gingerbread house to decorate.  We provided drinks and snacks and TONS of candy!  The kids decorated their own houses with candy galore; it was just the CUUUUTEST thing!!  A BIG thanks to Brooke for all the help and support!!
Finally, we kicked off the 1st nite of Hanukkah at Grandpa's house, last nite!!  It was a fun loving nite with lots of laugh and good cheer :)  (Unfort. I forgot my camera so I dont have pics, just memories!)
Hope everyone has/had amazing HOLIDAYS!!!
Merry Everything from our family to yours!   xoxoxoxoxox
Our Spread!!!

My Precious Girl

LOL, Wonder why men feel the need to Flex while holding a mixer!

A little help for the kiddo's!

Anthony's Masterpiece!

Happy Kiddo's

Daddy had as much fun as we did!!

A little fuzzy but, Our Family :)

Madison you're supposed to DECORATE not EAT!!

Mama's FAVORITE Girls!!

All our special kiddo's-

Ta-Da!!!!  Look how cute they turned out!!
The aftermath of MESS ;)
She's so fancy! She bounces her bball with her hand on hip!!  DIVA!!
Meeting SANTA!!!! at our Movie Under the Stars!!!
We started doing Elf on the Shelf this year for the first time and the girls are TOTALLY diggin' it!! Here is our Elf that the girls have named Buster.  His magic helps him fly around at nite and he's in a new place, somewhere in the house, ea morning.  He watches them all day and the reports back to Santa at nite.  Here are a few of the places the girls have found him in the morning!
He wrote them a special note as a morning surprise!
They found him on his North Pole house keeping watch...
This morning he must have gotten in pretty late, because he drank a whole pot of coffee!  That silly Elf!
Hangin' loose with Mr. Snowman
I don tthink I ever shared the pics of Madison's marble "incident".  I stumbled on them so here you go!  She was shaking the new doc's hand before she had to tell him the bad news! LOLL
She thought seeing her marble on the xray was THE.COOLEST.THING.EVER!!  Maybe the highlight of the whole ordeal...  Can you see it??   LOLL


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