Happy New Year!!!!!

Sorry my post is so late, being that we're halfway thru Feb!  That still counts as the "New Year" right??  Well, lets see....  Haaaaa!
To celebrate the New Year, Uncle Tom & Aunt Linda invited us to his brothers farm in Okeechobee!!  It was sooo much fun.  The girls had SUCH a awesome experience.  On their farm, they have chickens, cows, horses, & bulls.  Every morning Madison & Ashlee got to wake up and go collect all the chickens eggs for breakfast!  They were SUUPER excited to see how many there would be and WHERE they would be since they don't always lay them in the same place.   We fed the horses loads of carrots and even fed the cows!!   Jay took the girls on 4 wheelers all day and they mosied around the farm with Rascal (the dog) for the rest of the time!  It was such a relaxing, awesome trip and we cant wait to go back!
Since then we have been super busy getting organized and ready for this terrific new year!  
We took the girls to see Barnum & Bailey Circus, which was a SUPER fun treat!!  I had never been to the circus before (just Swap Shop shows for us Po' Folks!) but Jay went a TON as a kid and was SUPER excited to take us.  We were NOT disappointed and loved every second!

Fun at the park!!

Soooooo BIG!!!!

After a messy playdate, we had a group bath! Can you say redneck bathtub?? HA!!

Silly Girls!



So fresh and so clean!!

Ready for our slumber party!! Whooo Hooooo!

Trampoline fun w friends!

No sleepover is complete w.o. SMORES!!!

Mmmmmm..Our favorite!!

Madison LOOOOOVES her dance class, and HELLO!!!
How CUTE is she???

My pretty ballerina!

Ready for fireworks on the Farm!

Madison is a DIVA about loud noise so its only appropriate she wear these!

Mommy & the Hulk!

oooooh sparklers!
Ready to get my eggs Mom!!!

Here chicken, chicken.... LOL
Silly time w silly hats!

Ashlee had to finish her farm chores!



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