Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Dont worry! I havent forgotten about you guys!
This might be my LATEST post to date!
We have been going NON STOP and I fear once school starts next month it will only be getting worse. Did you hear that?? SCHOOL!!!!!!!
My little, tiny, precious Spooky will be starting preschool next month! I am SO excited and SO sad all at once. Where is all the time going? She is getting SO big and sassy amazing!
Ashlee is right behind her like a shadow. I honestly dont know what they would do without each other. I hope they always stay close. School will be a big adjustment to our schedule but Madison CAN.NOT.WAIT and we're so excited FOR her!
Ashlee is 3 and Madison's little mini me, for sure. She copies EVERYTHING her big sister does, even down to the food she will or will not try. She is DEFINTELY more fiesty than Madison ever was. She's very stubborn (like her Father) and will NOT back down, her bottom lip will stick out for dayssssssssssss (arms crossed)! Ha! OK so on to the fun stuff!
Madison started Dance Camp over the summer and is IN LOVE! YOU SHOULD HEAR the songs she comes home singing! Some of which sound like "Hey Boy, I just met you..and this is craaaazy, so here's my number...call me mayyyybe! All the other Boys, try to chase meeee, so here's my number...call me maybe"
Can you even imagine? I was like Whaaaaaaaa? Did you say? She knows ALL the moves and ALL the lyrics! Boys? Call you? Chase you? I.AM.NOT.READY.FOR.THIS!!!! We also sent the girls to VBS Camp for 1 week. They had SO MUCH fun! Mommy was even roped into helping lead the kids in their End of Camp Dance Performance. Ahhhh!! It turned out super cute and they LOVED all the fun and activities! Lets see, what else do I have to share.... Oh, the 4th..Duh! We went to hang with Grandpa & Uncle Jordi in the afternoon for lunch. The girls swam in the pool and Grandpa fixed us a nice lunch! After that we went to a picnic/BBQ/Firework show at Grace. The girls did WAYYY better than last year. They played with Sparklers and even watched 3/4's of the show, OUTSIDE!! Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL & SAFE Holiday as well!!


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