Lake Vaca, Birthdays & Basketball...OH MY!!

This years lake vaca was an AWESOME time!! Every year gets better and better.  The kids are more active and so are Mommy & Daddy!  I always say its my favorite yearly vaca of all the places we go because its!!  Our days and wkds are always fun but SOO busy and chocked full of "tasks" thats its so nice to get away to a remote place without having to put makeup on (LOL) or "get dressed" to go somewhere....The biggest decision is whether we want to chill by the LAKE or the POOL and what kind of meat we want to grill.  Almost all of our friends and family go and its a very special place that, we hope, our kids will always remember!

Duke & Moran Family Vaca!!

Sadly, we ALWAYS miss Grandma Ada's birthday because it always falls on the last few days of our lake vacation.  LUCKILY, this year the stars (and lunar calendar) aligned and we celebrated ON HER BIRTHDAY at her favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrell.  Happy Birthday Grandma Ada!!  The big 8-5!!!

The girls helped me make Grandma a super, awesome cake JUST for her big day!!

With everyones crazy schedules we hadnt been able to catch any of Anthony's basketball games so we made sure to make the last one!  He's such a great athlete and the girls LOVE to watch him play while the cheer him to a WIN!  They must be AWESOME cheerleaders because they DID win and Anthony even scored the winning basket!  GO ANTHONY!!!

I was lucky enough to catch the winning basket on tape!!

Jason took us all to the Keys for the day for a Glass Bottom Boat ride.  The girls were THRILLED to go and could hardly contain themselves!  We got a little bit of rain so it was a good thing they had an inside cabin with air conditioning.  In the center of the boat is this HUGE paned glass and you can see to the very bottom.  Madison & Ashlee were SUPER impressed at all the sealife we could see!! Cant wait to take them again!

This year Jim & Jane celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary!!  What an accomplishment and something we DEFINITELY wanted to celebrate!  We got tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil: Dralion show!  It was SO much fun and an AMAZING show!  SO glad we went!

Out of focus (thats what happens when you ask a stranger) but its the only pic of all of us!


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