Big Changes!!!

My post is a little big late but packed full as always! We celebrated Labor Day at the Beach, of course! The girls LOVE the beach and what better time for a "staycation" then a 3 day wkd! It was SO nice and relaxing! The beaches and pools were GORGEOUS and we couldnt have asked for better weather. Family time is the best time!

The view from our room!
Our Family soakin' up the sun!!
My little model ~ LOL
Riding the waves! Whooo Hooo!
Busom Buddies!
Our Beautiful Angel
Mr. & Mrs. Moran coming soon!!!  Woot!!
Mama's Best Girls!!!

Uncle Tom had a Birthday so we went over to shower him with love and birthday cake of course!! The girls LOVE making (and eating) birthday cake! I had a TON of work to do on the Bunco for Boobs breast cancer event we sponsored so since we were there.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE TOM!!! xoxoxo

The girls loooooved spelling Uncle Tom's name in Mama's BIG sprinkles!!
Ahhhhhhhh!!! Look what I found Mom!!!!!

He licked me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just us girls
My poor sweet girl was getting a cold and spiked a fever...that is the ONLY reason she's laying on this couch! LOLLL
Birthday kisses for Uncle Tom!!

I helped sponsor/host an AMAZING event, Bunco for Boobs to benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer. It was a great honor to be apart of a meaningful cause.  We had a terrific turnout and raised a ton of mula!! Thanks for EVERYONE who helped and participated!!   Cant wait for next year!

Here is our WILD crew!!


Our Hosts!!!
Nana's favorite girls!
Helping "Mewissa" roll for big numbers!! She was SO lucky, everyone wanted her to come sit with them!! She got Mama 4 Bunco's!!!!
Our Awesome Turnout!!
Let's see....Among a million OTHER things, we finally closed on our house and have begun the process of moving.  WHAT.A.JOB!! Moving with toddlers is a LOT of work! LOL  Or I should say "packing" with toddlers is a LOT of work.  They want to "help" me pack EVERYTHING!!!  You know when your "cleaning" your closet and you stop to reminise at ALL your pictures and ALL your old crap?? ITS JUST LIKE THAT TIMES A MILLION!!! LOLLL  They want to play with every.single.thing we find.  We hope to be settled soon and going on NEW adventures!
Another big change is that Madison & Ashlee have started school!!  Man oh man, they LOOOOVE school!! Madison goes everyday and Ashlee goes 3 days (although she'd love to go every day also).  So much for an adjustment period! The only one who needs adjusting IS ME! LOL
Here they are on the first day! They did SO terrific! Not one tear shed EXCEPT FOR MINE!!  They were like "Peace out Mom!!!"  Im so glad they are enjoying it and learning new things!
ABC pancakes for the 1st day, of course!! Gotta get those little minds movin'  LOLL
A little info to remember their fave things on their 1st days!!  This will be fun to look back on!
First walk to school with Daddy!  ::tear::
Everyday Madison has to sign into her class!  (and Im NOT just saying this, but hers is the ONLY one you can read!!! Yep!!  Just saying...)
OK, Mom...You can go now...
Time to make the donuts!!!
Madison's 1st show and tell!! She brought her 3 favorite things (her microphone because, well, shes a rockstar!, her red dolphin from Seaworld and her favorite race car!)   **cell pic**
Mommy wanted to make the day EXTRA special so I drew them cute little pictures on their sandwich baggies, just in case they were feeling blue.....They werent! LOL
This is a pic of Ashlee's 1st school craft! A little poem for us about her first day with her handprint!  ::melt::


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