The Newest Moran Family!

Jason, Madison, Ashlee and I ALL got married in St. Thomas!  We took all our family and some friends on an 8 day cruise in the Eastern Caribbean!  It was SUCH a fun trip, and *my* first cruise.  I cant wait to go again!!    We had loads of fun and TONS of laughs.  The girls had a GREAT time exploring all the areas, swimming in turquoise waters and pigging out all over!
The wedding was spectacular!  I couldnt have asked for better company or better weather!  The girls walked down the aisle and scattered Dad gave me away and Jason even was definitely, a *moment*.   The man of steel!!  I enjoyed it! HA!  It was all just wonderful!   A  BIG thank you to everyone who joined us on this awesome adventure.  Thank you for helping us make such wonderful memories we will always cherish.

On the bus, making our way!!!!!!!!!!!

The Happy Couple!!

SO Mature! LOLL

Finally on board, our WHOLE crew having lunch!!

Time for dessert!!!  LOVE their shirts Connie Conehead, xoxoxoxoxoxo

My two best men!!

My 2 best girls!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  (well 2.5 HA!)

Getting ready to set said and BOY! was it WINDYYYYYYYYY!!!

Our SUPER silly Family!!  

All the girls!!  (missing Val)

EVEN on a cruise, they always find time/room for Domino's!


BIG KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!

 WHO are those Handsome Men??????  

Getting Fancy!! 

Friends with benefits!   Haaaaaaaaaaa!

Mom and I
My handsome men!
Look at the Dukes all cleaned up!
Look how gorgeous!!
Wastin' the day away in Margaritaville!!!!
Look at Jim!! Relaxing!!!  ::Gasp!::

Getting toasty!!
Awesome friends who made our day very special! xoxoxo
Being Mischievious!!  As usual!
Me and my Pop!!!

Baskin' in the glory!
That is NOT a pool! LOLL
Maxin' and Relaxin'
Best Brother.
Time to SHOP!!!
Titi harrassing local cops!!

Cheers to good friends!!!!

My best gal! xoxoxo
She's SO fancy!  My little pumpkin cakes!
St. Maarten was sooooo beautiful!! The water was like a pool!! AMAZING!!
Off to explore!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! RUN!!

BEST BUDS!!!! Everyone "wuvs ca-wos"!!!

Showing our babies the world!!!!

Daddy's Hero! Haaaa!

Would you expect anything less??? LOLLLL


Can you feel the love????????
 Super models!!!
 Lovin on Nana!
  My 2 amigo's!!!
 And.....all good things must come to an end!
I know what you're thinking....Where the hell is the wedding right??
Well, thats another whole 400 pics I have to sort through...volunteers????  Yep!! Thats how it goes so stay tuned! xoxoxoxoxo


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