Valentine's, Disney & More!!!

The girls started T-Ball last week.  It is BEYOND adorable and I cant wait for their games to start.  Madison is really into it and LOVES to run the bases.  Ashlee is on a 3-4 year old team so hers is a little less legit and more parental participation.  Here are a few shots from practice!!

Valentine's Day was extra special for the girls this year!  Since they're in school they were able and eager to write out all their valentines.  We made choc dipped strawberries for Ashlee's class party, a huge hit!!  Madison & Ashlee were elated at alllll the Valentines they got and ALL the special treats!!  Mima & Poppi also dropped by with balloons & chocolate.  It might be their new favorite Holiday!  Ay-yi-yi!
Daddy came home with King Crab, steaks & 2lbs of shrimp for a romantic, family dinner!!  He bought all his girls flowers, balloons and chocolate and we had a nice dinner, all 4 of us! xoxo

Aunt Linda called and asked to meet her 2 little Valentines for Lunch so off we went, after school!!  Pizza Time!!

Anthony started playing Lacrosse again this season! We were able to make it to one of his scrimmage games which is always fun to watch!!  The girls LOVE to cheer him on!  GO BRONCO'S!!

We jetted off to Disney after all the Valentine FUN and just in time for the Presidents Day RUSH!  Who knew? HA!  The trip started off great at Islands of Adventure but came to a screeching halt the next day when my little sniffle turned into a full blown, head to toe body ache with chills, drippy nose, migraine..THE WORKS!!!  Since the next day (Sunday) was the coldesttttt (in the 30's) we decided to stay in the room for the day to get better and hopefully continue the trip.  By the following day, Monday, Jason was a hot mess!!  It was clear, we needed to get the heck outta there, so home we went!  A day early and 4 boxes of tissue deep!!  We're home now and stilll under the weather but I think we're going to make it!!


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