Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Hope you had a terrific holiday weekend.  Did you go to a parade or thank a service man or woman?  Its  important to remember its not just a day for BBQ's, but a day for reflection and feeling thankful for hero's that gave everything for OUR freedom and those that continue to do so.  My Dad, Steve, Jay's Dad, Jim & his brother, Jimmy are just a few of those hero's we feel grateful for.  We are definitely the lucky ones who got to welcome them all back home safely.
Memorial Day is almost like the official start of summer.  Kids are getting out of school, pools are opening, and BBQ's are sizzling!  We are definitely a sun lovin', outdoor grillin' kinda family so its very exciting!!
I'm looking forward to lazy afternoons by the pool, baby bikini's & lemonade stands!
This year we celebrated Memorial Day with special friends.  Relaxing by the pool while the kiddies played, sipping yummy drinks and groovin' (do they still say Groovin'?) to some fun tunes, made for an AWESOME Memorial Day weekend!!
The school year is ending which means that OUR BIG GIRL, Madison, is graduating preschool and moving on to Kindergarten!!  Just writing these words out in, actually seeing them in print, is making me SO teary.  I just don't know where the last 5 years have gone.  Madison is a very independent, outgoing, spunky, tender hearted, spirited, young lady.  She is very inquisitive and alllllways looking to "make a deal".  I just know that she will LOVE Kindergarten....IF I could just get through this Graduation!  Ha!!
Life has been BUSY, but we love it.  2 busy girls, sometimes going in different directions.  Playdates, sports, school and sleepovers.  We always make time for the downtime and family cuddle sessions on the couch before bed...well, nothing beats that!
When I was pregnant with Madison, I had all these dreams and plans of all the perfect things I would do and records I would keep of her "happenings".  Then, life got in the way and a few things fell by the wayside.  Often there just isnt enough time to document everything or remember ANYTHING.  This blog allows me to chronicle our life, from my perspective.  I like to think of it like a diary of our adventures as a family but its pretty general and not too "audience specific".   One of the things I always planned to do was to write to my girls.  Tell them what they mean to me, to us and our families.  Share with them the joy that they share with me and confide in them, maybe, things Im unsure of and the things I am certain.  Instill lessons through experience, successes and failures.  Needless to say, in the last 5 years I have probably only written a few letters. I never seem to have the fancy book I bought to write in when the moment hits me to share my thoughts and feelings. This got me thinking that in this digital age where time is so fleeting, my fancy book might not be the best route.  I decided to take to GMAIL and I secured both girls email addresses for them. Maybe one day they will want them and this way, Mama's got it ALL taken care of!  Unfortunately, MadisonMoran@gmail was NOT available, nor was Ashlee's.   I used their middle names and was able to snag them both! Whooo Hooo!!   I thought this would be a MUCH better and way more modern approach to send them all my letters.  It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, this way, I can write from any computer, or any phone.   The reason that I'm sharing this is because I think it would be SO special if any of YOU wanted to write them as well.  How awesome to be 10, 11, 12 yrs old (please let it be at least that long) and log on to your very own email filled with loving letters and notes your family has written to you, over the years.  If you would like to write them, please feel free at MadisonRileyMoran@gmail.com  and AshleeBreeMoran@gmail.com.   I think I will be printing them out every so often just in case anything should happen to Google (Heaven forbid!).  Sry this post was SO LONG and thanks for listening to my ramblings.  xoxoxoxo


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