Mother's Day & Playdates

This year for Mother's Day we had a little gathering at home.  Jason let me sleep in and they went and got fresh coffee, donuts and bagels!!  The girls made me the CUTEST things at school and helped Daddy pick out a few baking items that I wanted.  After all my morning FUN! we started prepping for the big shabang!!!    Mima was out of town, but being in HAWAII, its hard to feel bad! HA!  All the other Mommies came to hang and we had a grand time :)

This is what we look like in the morning!! SHA-ZAM!!!!  Ha!

We've been having lots of fun with friends lately!  Several of Ashlee's friends (& my Mommy friends) have been coming over after school to swim & play!  Not much more thrills these kids, than their school friends coming home with us!  We'll be sad when you guys go and will miss you bunches!! xoxoxo


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