Happy Father's Day!!!

Father's Day, we headed to Bass Pro for shopping at Lunch at Islamorada Fish Co!!  We were joined by loads of Daddy's, this year!  Tony & Connie Conehead, The Moran Clan, Dukes, Carlos' Dad and mine!  It was a super fun time had by all!
The girls painted little bird houses for Daddy to hang outside and feed the birds everyday.  They LOVE going outside to feed the ducks and all the birds outside.  We made him a cute little family tree canvas, and handprint shirts for ALL the Dads!  Hope everyone liked it, even if they refused to put them on for a picture  ::cough JIM cough::
Last year we made Daddy a cute little "Daddy Interview"  Click here to see our video!
He seemed to love it so much, so this year we stepped it up a bit and were SO pleased to get an even better reaction!  Here is this years video!!  Its so awesome and bittersweet to see how much the girls are growing!  This years video!

 Our girls might not realize what an incredible father they have, but one day they will.  From the day they were born, Jason has always been there for them.  He helped change diapers and brought them both to me to feed.  He rocked them both at all hours of the nite.  Even before they were born, he was there to support me all thru my pregnancies.  He laughed with me, cried me, shared my fears and above all, he ATE with me!  What more could a girl ask for?   He came to every single appointment and still rarely misses the girls check ups.
Jason works so hard to support us and give us what we need.  He supports all our interests so we can enjoy them together.  He always makes his best effort to come and watch every dance show, t-ball game and school play!  I know he looks forward to them all.   My girls will one day realize what a terrific Dad they have and I only pray they find someone to love and treat them the way he does.
WE LOVE YOU DADDY JASON!!!!  xoxoxoxoxo



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