Our BIG (little) Graduate!!

Well guys the time has come (and gone). Our first born baby has Graduated VPK and is barreling down the road to Kindergarten!  We can hardly believe it.  With equal amounts of excitement and sadness we watched our girl cross that stage.  Wasn't it just 5 min ago when Jason was laying this miracle of a child on my chest and our hearts and lives changed forever?   It just all goes so quick.   Madison did SO WELL at her Graduation and she is SUPER excited about Kindergarten.  We are SO grateful and fortunate to have such wonderful family that LOVE our girls as much as we do.  Thank you so much for coming to her big day and supporting our  family!


A nice dinner after to CELEBRATE!!!!!

THIS is Talent!!

Madison had one last shabang with all her school friends at their END OF YEAR PARTY!!!  Whooo  hooo!!   They all went to Park Avenue Gymnastics for fun & friends!!


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