Sunshine & Summertime!

Hello friends!  It has not been a beautiful summer, so far.  We have managed to take advantage of a few sunny days, however.  We went for a boat ride & lunch with Grandpa and Uncle Jordi.  The girls looooved it!  They love to be on the water and we all had a blast!  Cant wait to hit the sandbar!

With all these rainy days, we've had a lot of indoor fun to pass the time.  Madison and Ashlee just love to paint.  So painting is what they do.  Painting and tea parties, of course!  (Please excuse the phone cam!)

Daddy let me sleep in the other day.  It doesn't really mean sleeping.  Its more like laying in bed with undying noise.  All I could hear was "Waiter!, Waiter!!"  over and over and over.  I came down to find a make shift restaurant.  Jason made them menus and they were ordering their breakfast from it.  It was THE CUTEST SCENE EVER!  "Waiter is our order ready yet??"  Ha!!
Well lets cut to TODAY...Wednesday...4 days later... WORST.GAME.EVER!!  Haaaa!
Daddy is gone to work now and this 'game' suuuuuucks!


Some Mogie LOVE!

My little cuties!!

A little funny for you.  Here is a little clip of Madison's new trick (and her craziness!!)
Madison's New Trick! (CLICK ME)


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