Party like a Moran!!

In honor of  Stevie & Renee coming to visit from Washington, Uncle Tom planned a TON of special outings to treat them!  This includes, but is not limited to, a huge van for us all to ride in, custom shirts to commemorate these outings, and a tour of Florida.  The tour included Hollywood Beach, Sawgrass Mall, Elliott Key, Bayside Shops, Islamorada, South Beach, Everglades, Shark Valley, Naples Beach, Tin City Shops, Bass Pro Shops, Lake Placid, Hat Creek & Lake Okeechobee.
It was QUITE a week to say the least and that was all before we spent 10 days at the lake!  Crazy right??  Well, nothing's too much for Uncle Tom's girls!  He's already talking about showering the other 3 girlies who couldn't make it.

The Lake this year was SUPER FUN!!  Talk about a 10 day party!   Jason & I often say its one of our favorite vaca's because its just SO chill and relaxed.  My friend, Brittney joined us with her 2 little lovies so we definitely had a crowd. Madison & Ashlee were more brave than EVER!  Madison rode the flat tubes a few times BY HERSELF and Ashlee rode the hot dog tubes alone as well.   Even Daddy went tubing, along with Mommy & Brittney.  Oh! and skiing!  I went skiing for the 1st time in....maybe 15 years!??  ((Pats self on the back)).   I don't think Stevie, Renee or Anthony ever got OFF of the tubes!!     We had a bit of rain but didn't let it get us down and cant wait tilnext year!!!  Here are all the adventures we captured!  (below) and HERE are some crazy videos!!

Ready to ride!!!
Ready to check out Hollywood Beach!!!


 They were crazy, the water was freeeeeezing!!

Tom, the Mastermind himself!!
Cruising down the boardwalk!

We got the girls bikes to race down the boardwalk with and race they did!!!  Madison & Ashlee were dyinggg to ride!!

This is Uncle Tom's, friends house right on the Hollywood Boardwalk!

On our way to the KEYS!!!!

 Getting ready to swim with the big fish!!!!

Feeding the tarpon!!!


 Crab Hunters
 Ahhhh living life the Duke way :)
 Pit stop for ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catching butterflies and caterpillars at Connie Coneheads!!!

Snorkeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wanna hold a lobster or a blow fish???  Yowza's!!!!

 They party hard!!!!
 and then they fall!!  WITHOUT SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh the horror!

 Thank you Fernando, Tony & Uncle Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets head to Naples Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the Farm we go!!!   Uncle Tom took the girls to the infamous farm that everyone loves!!
 Fishing in Flamingo was QUITE a treat!  However, things can always get out of hand :)
Anthony thought it'd be REAL funny to hit Renee with his fish so she of course, hit him with HER fish.  They didnt get a picture of Renee hitting Ant in the back sliding up his head and over the fish went into the water!!!  Of course they blamed each other for starting it!  Uncle Tom says, "I don’t think so, you know our Anthony.   He hit her once in the head, thought it was funny so, he did it again. She was mad, so she hauled off and threw her fish at him, Anthony turned around and when she went to hit him the fish slipped out of her hand putting some fish slim on Anthony's back and his hair.  It was great, even if we lost a nice fish overboard.  She paid him back."

 Just Mima's Girls!
 All Mima's Babies!
 Moran Clan

 Our Whole Group
 The Cool Kids Club
All the kiddos


 Happy Birthday Stevie & Grandma Ada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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