Back to School!!!!

School has begun!!  Summer is over and its a whole new schedule for our family!  Very early wake up times and very early bedtimes. (Or at least I try!)    Its that new year enthusiasm where the pencils are fresh and the notebooks are new and backpacks don't look like they've lined the wall of a dumpster!  Completing homework on time, writing your families info 6,000 times on 20 forms that ask all the same questions, but in a different order and labeling every article in your child's possession because you're foolishly thinking you will ever see it again! Yep!!  TIME FOR SCHOOL!!
Madison is starting KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!! and our little nugget Ashlee is starting VPK!!!! They are both EXTREMELY excited about their new adventures and while Mom & Dad are a little nostalgic about our big girls joining the human race, its also ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!!
Madison is going to a charter school in Cooper City.  She goes everyday til 2:45.   Ashlee is finishing her last year in Pre-K with all her friends from last year!
This is their 1st week and except for a few 1st day frowns (from Ashlee, of course), its been all smooth sailing!

I also wanted to say a special thank you to everyone who has been writing emails to our girls.  I haven't opened them, but I see them collecting, and I *know* they will cherish them FOREVER!!!

Here are some pics of the 1st day festivities & a fun after school celebratory TREAT!
(Sry these are all phone pics!)

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