Annual Disney Holiday Vacation!

This year we got a BIG surprise from my sister, Jennifer!   She brought baby Savannah and hitched a plane to Florida to surprise us!!!!!!!!!   We were SO psyched to see her and meet Savannah!  I haven't seen Jen in almost 15 yrs, so it was definitely a special treat to see and spend time with her.
Since our trip was already planned during the time she was here...TA-DA!!  Let's all go to Orlando!   

The girls were soooooo cute together and had loads of fun playing.   We love our Savannah Banana!  

 Happy Birthday Savannah!!  Since Jen came down just before Thanksgiving we had a little pre Thanksgiving feast to celebrate and what better dessert then a birthday cake for Savannah Banana!!!

A long, long, long day!!


SaviOne said...

Crying.....I miss you guys sooo much! The pics are wonderful!

Great Pictures! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. Happy Holidays to all...... xoxo, Jen

Anonymous said...

Great photos! So much to celebrate, reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, oh my! Looks like you all had so much fun. When is our next "reunion"?!

Dani said...

Im ready Val!! Let's plan one :) xoxo

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