Happy Holidays & a Healthy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Holiday Season & that you are looking forward to a wonderful new year!   Our holiday season was no different this year than the ones that came before it.... INSANE!!  
We had a Gingerbread House Decorating Party, a visit from Santa on a firetruck, Ashlee's school hosted a Santa Breakfast,  she also played Mary in her school Holiday show!, I co-directed the Church's holiday play that the girls starred in, of course.  We took a boat ride to see all the awesome holiday lights. SO beautiful!  
We had family visit Christmas Eve morning for breakfast.  Grandpa had to work, unfortunately, but Nana, Titi and Uncle Jordi joined us for early presents and a yummy breakfast and then we headed to Linda's for Christmas Day!  I'm sure I'm forgetting SOMETHING but really....isnt that enough??
Oh yea...and I'm 24 wks pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oy.  Number 3 is rough!!  I think were still a little shell shocked that its a BOY! I told Jay I wouldn't REALLY believe until I was holding his little tushy in my hands.  I cant believe how close it is.  Already passed the half way mark!  Ashlee is going to be the BEST big sister..she is SO excited and ready.  She lovessss to kiss my belly and talk to her brother.  She tells me every.single.day how much shes going to hold him....and feed him...and change ALL his diapers! "Even if its poop, Mom! I wont care" Ha!   Madison is not as baby crazed as Ashlee and says shes content just pushing the stroller.  So funny how different they are.

Soooo here's a bit of info...Madison & Ashlee have never had their hair cut :\   Shameful? Ha!  Jason and I love their long hair so we just never cut it.  Lately, there's been lots of belly aching during hair brushing time so we finally decided...IT.WAS.TIME!!!  Nana came over to do the damage and DAMAGE she did!!  Aaaaack!!!  Ashlee was a little too fidgety so we had to do some fixing and by the time it was even...well.... see for yourself!  SOOOO SHORT!!!  ::cry::    In the end it worked out and they both love it..only *I* have the scars!

Ashlee's school hosted a super cute Santa Breakfast!!  Mima and Aunt Jennifer came to join us.   We had breakfast, sat with Santa and enjoyed the morning!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ashlee had a special nite at her school's holiday show!  They picked her to play Mary and she was suuuuuper excited!  She called EVERYONE in my phone to let them know.  Definitely the cutest Mary I ever saw!!  A BIG thank you to everyone who came to support our girl!


After the show we headed to dinner with all of Ashlee's biggest fans!  We even scrounged up some McCurdy's to join us!  Woot!

 Kids are just crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

For the last 3 years, Brooke and I have been hosting these super fun Gingerbread House Decorating Parties!  Definitely a tradition the kids love and I want to continue.  Its just a nice, relaxing morning while the kiddos make their masterpieces!  Cheers!  (Well...not for me!)

Some of the biggest news in the Moran/Duke family is probably.........a NEW RETIREMENT INDUCTEE!!!!!  Congrats Uncle Tom on your BIG accomplishment!!  We love you bunches!
Linda coordinated a surprise dinner to celebrate him!

Anthony got his ears pierced!!!!  So, were still having fun with him!


They look so innocent, dont they?????

Our sweet friends Jessica & Micah invited us over for a surprise visit from SANTA!!!!!   It was a great night!

My precious cuties!!!

Instead of driving around this year to find holiday lights, we decided to cruise down the waterways and look! It was a gorgeous nite to grab dinner, watch the boats and see beautiful lights!  What could be better!

 Success, I'd say!!

Madison & Ashlee were very excited for what Santa was bringing this year!  The unwrapping began veryyyyyy early!!
To finalize the holiday festivities, we headed to the Duke house for Christmas Day fun!!  The girls were very spoiled this year and we're VERY GRATEFUL for all that they received!!!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!
 Yep! Ashlee slept in this dress!

 We left chocolate cookies out for Santa and carrots for his reindeer!

 She said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, again, to the newest Duke Boy!!

 So....THIS is what retirement feels like!  Jason wanted to test it out!
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