Late...Late...Happy New Year!!

I have learned a lot about myself this year.  I've gone outside my comfort zone, tripped, grown a little.  I've let go of past grievances and forgiven.  I've made tough decisions.  I feel at peace with myself, well..mostly! Ha! 
Best of all, I've learned something new everyday about being a Mom.  I love my girls with all that I am.  I need them, and they need me.  I can’t wait to meet my baby boy and see what kind of man he's going to be.   I'm grateful for 2013 and all the lessons and blessings it brought to our life.  Here's to 2014, may it be as good as the last!!

This year we had a low key New Years.  We stayed home, ordered dinner out, toasted apple cider w the little princesses and lit some sparklers with Daddy outside! A perfect ending to a wonderful year!!

Madison had another fundraiser at school. A Fun Run!!  She was SUPER excited.  We got a bunch of donations ( A HUGE THANK YOU!) from our friends and family and our big girl ran 35 laps!  Ashlee and I made her some "#1 fan" signs and we stood on sidelines with PRIDE watching her do her thing!  Thanks to all your help we were able to donate several meals to kids through Feeding America!

Ashlee looooooooves gardening, planting seeds, making "fish stew", etc.  Even though she is suuuper duper girly, shes always up for getting dirty.   She planted carrot seeds and was BEYOND thrilled with her 1st carrot!!
Madison celebrated her 100th day of school!!  All the kids dressed up as 100 yr olds!  It was soooo adorable!!  Madison said I could put pink rollers in her hair so we went and bought some but when the morning rolled around she was not having it!  I was a little sad that she wouldnt let me so we settled on gray hair, in an old lady bun!   The glasses, she wore for 3 whole days!! HA!
Here's her 100th day project!
We celebrated Juli's upcoming wedding at her Derby themed shower!  My little's had sooo much fun playing w all the kids and Madison's team even won the relay race!  Look at my little fancy pants munchkins!!
Mommy & Daddy even had a little fun at the Chili Cook Off and then took a little day trip down to the Keys for the Key Largo Stonecrab & Seafood Fest!!  It was YUMMMM!!!

 She got a beer and I got an ice cream....Win? Win??  BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!


KTLang said...

LOVE the derby hat pix & how cute is my 100 yr old spooky?!

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