Happy March!!!!

Everytime I come here to update, I remind myself that I should really do this more often! HA!!  Needless to say, I have a lot to share.  Things have been insane busy as usual! 
The girls are on Spring Break this week!  It started our pretty great with AWESOME weather but then it got a little crappy, so we only had 2 beautiful days outside.

We had a FUN park day w great friends!!!

An AWESOME beach day catching waves!!!!

Ashlee had a trike-a-thon at school!  She was very excited to bring her bike and show all her friends!

Daddy's BIG GIRL!!!!

Ashlee also had a big Spring Show at her school!  She sang about 7 songs for a month, ALLL DAYYYY LONG, getting ready for this show!  She was READY and wanted to make sure that EVERYONE came to watch her.  Thanks so much for supporting our girl!  Her favorite part was having you there!

We celebrated Grandpa's Birthday!!!!!!   Happy Birthday Dad!! We LOVE YOU bunches!!!

Even Mommy & Uncle Jordi had a birthday!!!!  We're 21 again!!!!!!!!!!  Grandpa wanted to take the girls to have Hibachi.  They thought the show was super funny and cool!

and a NO KIDS grown up dinner!  YUMMO!!
The girls are in LOOOOOOVE with the new Disney movie Frozen.  They saw it in the theater 3 times and we even took them to the DRIVE-IN!!  They loved it!  

CUTEST Little Leprechauns!!!
Disney On Ice!!!!  This is one of the girls favorite shows that comes to town!  They LOVE seeing all the Princesses and the love ice skating!  Whenever we can score tickets, its a nice treat for them!

The girls celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at their schools!  We made Lorax shirts to celebrate the day!!
Note to self:  Don't just ASSUME that the parties are on the same day!  Total fail for Ashlee, HA!  Her party was 2 days later!  #Mom of the year!
It has been a fun and CRAZY month or so.  We are gearing up for the birth of our little prince!  The girls are super excited and so are we!  We decided to renovate our house a bit before his arrival (because we're insane) to make more room and get things a little more comfortable.  With a week or so left of construction and 4 wks (maybe) until D-Day....its been a little hectic!   Im sure itll all get done but Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Oh and Ive also been dealing with THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
When/how did this happen???  My little girl is turning 5!! and headed to Kindergarten in a few short months!  ::cry/sob/wail::


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