Back to School!!!!!

The summer has come to a close and we are back to school!  Time is so fleeting these days.  It seems the older your kids get, the faster it goes.  Bless their little souls, but they are like walking, talking reminders of how fast the days really go.  I use to refer to time spaces as yesterday, last week, last month, etc. Even though the specific time I meant was actually more like last year, 2 years ago, 3 years ago.  Casually, in conversation, I was never actually aware of how much time was passing.  I never took the time to really calculate it.  Now with these 3 little miracles running around; I look at them and instantly have bench marks.  5 years....6 years...4 mos....  Its just all too fast for me.  If I could build a time machine, I would never travel.  I just need a pause button.  Anyone?
The night before school started was filled with excitement.  We bathed early, ate dinner, read a story, picked out all our clothes, made lunches, and packed backpacks.  We called Anthony to wish him an amazing 1st day in....wait for it...HIGH SCHOOL!!
The morning came and went pretty smooth!  We woke up and dressed. Excitedly hurried around the house. Got our baby boy dressed and headed to Dunkin Donuts.  Madison is a 1st grader now so she gets no special treatment at school.  Right through the car line she goes.  Our big girl.  She's a boss at that school.  Our little nugget, Ashlee, has started Kindergarten.  She is so excited to follow in her sisters every step.  They had a fabulous morning and an even better day!  Guess its time to share my babies with the world!
Bring on the fall!!



The last 3 mos have been so crazy and FUN.  We are adjusting to life as a family of 5.  The girls are still so in love with their baby brother.  They have endless pet names for him.  They sing and dance for him.  Cuddle with him.  Soothe him when he cries.  Hearing Ashlee talk to him is just nothing short of hysterical.
There are peaceful moments when everyone is happy and content, but lets be honest...there is no lack of noise in our home.  The loudness between Madison & Ashlee, when they play, often disrupts Austin's peace, but he is such a good baby in the midst of all the chaos.  Its hard to complain.  I still will, though.  Hee Hee.
We are so blessed to have such a good baby ::knock on wood::  His smiles just melt our hearts.  In the morning he greets me with the sweetest smiles, just instantly smiling from ear to ear when he sees me.  I almost feel guilty that I get these special moments with him all to myself.  His smiles, giggles and coos are truly the best part of our days.  He is so happy and snuggly and his little personality is starting to show.  We are very grateful Austin has been a great sleeper, also.  He usually sleeps about 9pm to 6am, wakes up to eat and then he'll go back to sleep until, NOW, when I have to wake him for school drop off.  Cant wait to see him grow into our little man of the house!

Dance Camp!!    The girls had their last week of dance camp to a Country Theme! It was adorable and they had a BLAST!


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