The Aftermath..

The first week of school came and went SO fast!!  Its already Sunday! The eve before the second week.  The girls had a wonderful week.  Madison is in the advanced 1st grade class.  We have a little smarty on our hands.  Sassy & smarty is a terrible combination. Hee Hee!   She was also in the advanced Kindergarten class but we don't share that info with her.  They don't even tell you in school.  Its not written anywhere, and there's no notification or announcement.  I only knew because another parent told me and then I confirmed with the teacher.  We tell the girls they are smart and beautiful all the time.  As far as school goes, I think its better they feel like they re just like anyone else.  Also, I don't want either girl feeling inferior to the other.
Ashlee is LOVING Kindergarten, so far.  She is thrilled to be going to "big kid" school with her sister.  They both seem to really enjoy their teachers and we're all excited for a GREAT year!!

Now that girls are in school and summer is over, Mama can get a lot more work done!!  Little man came with Mommy last week to check out the diggs.  Doin' deals is tough work!!!

Daddy surprised me with a much needed date nite!  It was sooo NICE!
Sometimes you forget that you're not just Mom and Dad, so we went out to party in true Dani & Jason style...well, Jason style anyway! HA!!   (Sry camera phone)

Mommy even got a girls nite!!!  We are getting WILD over here! HA!! is CRAZY hot here.  Sadly, we don't go outside THAT much with the kids unless were in the pool.  If its later in the evening and the sun goes down, making the temp outside bearable, then its the mosquitoes that are the problem.  ANYHOW, because of this, we hadn't really had the opportunity to take Madison's training wheels off.  She's already 6 years old so we knew IT WAS TIME!!
We were both pretty shocked at how well she did.  A tad wobbly at first, but after a few rounds, she was off!!  My little spooky did so well.  She was definitely ready!!  Turning 7, entering 1st grade and removing training wheels.... I just cant deal.  ::sob::
 On a side note:  Watching your husband teach your kid to ride a bike is hystericalllllllllll!!  He was running along side of her with his hands out on both sides, ready for anything that could go wrong.  Except our little dare devil kept zig zagging and he couldnt keep up with her direction. Best Daddy award for sure!!!
Here is a video of my little pro!

 So we thought we could do a two-fer!  Not a chance.  Ashlee isn't ready yet.  She is so giggly and silly.  She wouldn't stop laughing long enough to concentrate.  Next time!

Captive bike riding audience!



Madison took a trip to the Science Museum with her class and had the best time.  Since she enjoyed it so much, I added it to our Summer Fun list.  Ashlee was very excited to visit this "amaaaazing" place her sister had described.  We all had a very fun day!


Look at my big boy, reaching and holding onto things!!! 

Watching his 1st football game w Daddy!!!


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