SO not a big post this time.  We've been laying pretty low...staying home, gearing up for Halloween and Madison's birthday.  She is very excited to be turning 7! She's counting the days til her big Gymnastics extravaganza.  It'll be fun for her to see all her friends....some we haven't really seen since school started.  Everyone is so busy.
Madison came home on Monday complaining that she hurt her foot in P.E. while she was jump roping.  She seemed to be fine so we moved on.  Today she had P.E. again and said that it was hurting worse.  I took her to dance anyway with instructions to tell her teacher if it hurt but she pushed through.  I made an appointment since she was still complaining and after dance, we headed to the Doc.  TADA!! a sprained foot.  WONDERFUL!  Wrapped for 2 wks.
Ashlee was devastated that she didn't have a wrapped foot.  She, of course, felt instant pain and insisted I call the doc back in to look at her "injury".  ::sigh::
WHAT CAN YA DO???  I did what any mother does, I guess.... I fetched the doctor so she could come and inspect the "injury".  We determined that Ashlee has Hello Kitty foot syndrome and she should remove her Hello Kitty sneakers as soon as she got home.  Ashlee laughed a lot and we could finally go home.
Now picture this.... I gave Madison a piggyback ride with her wrapped foot, pushed the stroller with Austin and held Ashlee's hand til we got to the car.  ::Yawn::

Do you see what is happening here????????
Kindergarten & 1st Grade!!  Where does the time go.  The girls are getting SO big!!

Ashlee lost her 1st tooth!!  She was VERY excited to see what all the hype was about!  The Toothfairy did not disappoint!

I recently got all the footage from the Miami Dolphins camera crew.  They sent me a few shots of the girls, in addition to what I had gotten myself!  As you can see, its SERIOUS business :)

Here is the video footage from their camera guys!  You can see the girls at 3:56! 
(Fast forward to 3min, 56seconds)

Here are some camera phone pics of misc. things over the past few weeks...
My precious girl fell asleep on me over the weekend.... Once they get to a certain age, nothing beats cuddles like this!

Time to get brother up for school!!

Here is a letter Madison wrote us in school!  ::melt::
Just when you think you might not be doing it all the "right way"... a little reminder that they love you the MOST!

Making new friends for Mogie!

Happy Birthday Titi!!!


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