Lacrosse & Pumpkins & Candy!! OH MY!

Well, lets see.... The last 2 weeks have been busy so I have lots to share!!  Anthony had a local LAX tournament so we went to cheer him on!!  The girls love going to watch him play and we always want him to feel our support! It was a gorgeous day!  GO ANTHONY!!!


The girls got their report cards last week and they BOTH made the honor roll!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!
We are SO proud of our little smarties!




We finally got around to carving and painting our pumpkins!!!  This is always fun! I cant say they ever made it to the front porch but they were carved!

Oh yes.... and then THIS HAPPENED!!!   Who wants some Pumpkin Pie!!!!????

and finally, Halloween!!!!!!!!!!! Which only means my baby has grown another year older ::sob::
So sad and fun, all at once.  This year, the girls were set on dressing as a ladybug and a butterfly.  I could not change their minds or steer them in any other direction so a Bug Family, we were :)
We have a Bumble Bee, Ladybug, Butterfly, Love bug & a Bug Catcher!




 Awesome Night!!!  Happy Halloween!!

As we close out another Halloween, Im blatantly reminded that my first born is also another year older!  How has it been 7 years already, since Ive seen this sweet baby face???

Even though you don't have this baby face anymore, I can still see it sometimes when you come snuggle up with me or ask me to kiss your boo boo's.
Dearest Madison, 
I can’t begin to express the joy you have brought your Daddy and I since you were born on October 31, 2007.  After 20 long hours and a crazy delivery, I was so relieved to hear your cry and hold you in my arms for the first time.  I don’t think I slept a wink that night… I just wanted to look at you, and you were looking right back at me… studying your momma… it was such a surreal night.  You’ve taught us how to love deeper then we knew we could, and give us grace as we learn how to be parents with you, our oldest.  Tonight as I tucked you in bed and I kissed you goodnight you sweetly said “Mom, I will stay 6 for you in your heart, if you want me too.” You could see the sadness on my face as we say goodbye to one more magical year of your childhood.  I am excited for you to grow, truly I am, and I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming. 
You are seven years old now. When I look back at your first grade school picture, I can’t believe how different you look. Some years we can see subtle changes when we line up your photos, but this year you almost look like a different girl. Your face is looking so much more grown-up, your manner-isms are grown up. And your insides are changing, too. 
You have the best parts of both of us.   I am so proud when I see the qualities I cherish in myself shining through you; I love that you enjoy reading, I love to hear you sing, and it is so gratifying to read your creative writing. You are (sigh) a people-pleaser like me. I love how compassionate you are, and your natural gift of empathy is clear to anyone who spends time with you. You are self-aware, and you are tuned into the emotional needs and responses of others. It is a gift. 
I smile whenever I see your excitement at making plans; you dream big, and you prepare for vacations, performances, special occasions, and holidays with huge excitement. (Of course, like me, this causes you great disappointment when things don’t go the way you had planned.) 
 You will always be my first child; it was you who showed me how far my heart could stretch. It was you who started this family- I couldn't feel more blessed to love you and call you my daughter. 
Your name “Madison” means a gift from god., and you are just that.  I love that you love princesses and fairytales but you are also not afraid to catch frogs, climb trees, go fishing, and get dirty.  Maybe because in that way you remind me of myself as a child and I know how you think. You are truly the most beautiful “Tom Boy” I have ever met.  Your dark hair, big blue eyes, beautiful freckles and pale skin haven’t gone unnoticed.  Your sister and brother love you so much, and I admire the patience you have with them and the way you include them while you all play and pretend together.  My heart wants to burst as I watch you sweetly playing or singing to your little brother.  I do tear up (a little) and I take those pictures with my mind and will never forget these moments. 
Seven. I still can’t believe you are really seven years old!  I wish, sometimes, I could freeze time, and that you would stay my little girl, but I am also so so so excited to watch you grow and become the lady you're destined to be.
I love you Daughter.  I love you so much.  You can be seven if you want to…. it really will be okay.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life.  As a mommy, it is truly an honor to be given that role.
I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.


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