Happy Everything!!!

The holiday season has come and gone.  Just like that.  Same as last year and probably next.  So much time and preparation....and then, POOF!  Done.   Its all together relief, and a little sadness. 
I know, I know. I probably say it every year, but its just amazing how fast December goes... Lately, it feels like the other 11 mos follow right behind it!
Oh well, it'll be back like, tomorrow, right? Ha!
There were so many joy filled moments during this holiday season. There were also sibling fights, TV privileges revoked, date nights, funny stories and lots of good memories. No Christmas is perfect, even if my Canon says otherwise. I think when we look back on life, we’ll want to remember the good stuff, not the petty stuff that no longer matters.
This season was extra special because we have a new, precious boy to spend it with.  SO FUN!

With all the hustle and bustle, I decided to take the kids holiday card pics myself and get it all out of the way.  We went to the neighborhood park and had a little fun.  Short lived fun of course, but I bribed them with a playground after so IT WAS A DEAL!


So far we've had more cooler weather (for a longer period of time, I mean) than I remember, in awhile. Well, you must take advantage because it IS so rare.  What better way than S'MORES???? Hmmm???  Mommy's fave!!

I would never dream of having Christmas without getting a REAL tree.  Although lately, with this crazy crew and the days turning into weeks, there have been years Im tempted to just throw the gifts under one of our other FAKE tree's, we decorate.  Every year I just cringe at the prices for Christmas tree's.  We always go to a real tree lot. We walk around for at least an hour or three!  Searching and searching for the most perfect tree.  Then we leave after spending about $100!
This year, someone told me that Costco was selling trees for $28!  The catch, you ask? They're all wrapped up and you're not allowed to look at them or even pick one.  Whatever comes off the truck, you get and THATS THAT!
Uncharted territory.  I cant pick it out? I cant even open it? I just have to cross my fingers and hope its good? 
These days as a busy Mom of 3, with budgets getting tighter and tighter and trying to let go more and more of the little things that "don't really matter".... SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To my surprise, we got a GORGEOUS tree....from Costco..... for $28! and I will never go anywhere else!
The moment of truth..........

Our kids are very fortunate. We don't have a lot, but its more than some dream of.  We are blessed.  Sometimes its hard to convey to the kids how fortunate they are to live this life.  I'm always looking for ways to remind and show them how lucky they are.  During the year, we donate loads of things to less fortunate, etc.  During the holiday season my office sponsors a Toy Drive. This was our 6th year and every year is better than the last.  Its special because we help LOCAL schools right here in our own community and we get to hand deliver them right to the kids.  For some of them, its the only gift they receive.   This year the girls helped me shop for these gifts and helped wrap hundreds and hundreds of gifts.  Thanks so much to everyone who donated and helped in these efforts!  You are amazing and goodness will come back to you for your kindness.

A visit to the fat man!  We got together with some friends, dressed in holiday jams and headed to make our holiday wishes!  Yep! That's right!!  3 Elves and 2 reindeer! Hee Hee!



We had our annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party!  This was our 4th year!!  SO FUN! 
One of our favorite traditions!



 We went to look at all the house/boat lights on the intercoastal!  This is always a special treat that the girls really enjoy!!  Even Grandpa and Nana joined in!

Another trip to Santa's Enchanted Forest with Anthony!!!




 Hanukkah Breakfast and the girls opened gifts with Grandpa & Nana!!


Fresh baked and decorated cookies from these little ladies!  Santa loved their cookies!

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!  Luckily it was only 8a when the girls hustled us out of our beds. 
They were rested and ready to DIG IN!!  ::yawn::


The girls shopped for each other, and us, at their schools holiday store.  It was adorable.  

For anyone who really knows me, you know that I love ALL the holidays, in general.  But this Season. The presents. The hype. The family. The Love. ALL OF IT... I LOVE.
The kids were showered with loads of love, and presents of course.  We added another beautiful blessing to our family.  It's truly been a magical one this year.  Seeing the excitement through a child's eyes makes me so happy and sentimental...and I know it's only going to get better each year...especially with a brother in tow for the years to come.  
From our family to yours, we hope you had an outstanding holiday season and an even better year!!  Cant wait to see what 2015 has in store! 






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