Birthday F-U-N!!

My teeny, tiny, weensy, little, bitty babies have aged, again!!!!   It's a sad, sad fact.  You have teeny babies.  Then they grow into big babies, with big mouths and big attitudes.  Then they think that THEY'RE big and YOU'RE small and that THEY make the rules.  True Story.  

My Ashlee Bree Bree just turned 6....which is the new 16, apparently.  She's my beautiful girl.  This kid brings me to my knees with crazy and then makes me swoon with just one look.  I want to hang her upside down and then I want to smooch her all over, all at once.  How does that work exactly?  I guess its a Mom's love, maybe?  Maybe pure insanity! Ha!
She is pretty smart, a great reader and loves school. She is still a terrific little "mommy" to her brother and wants to attend to his every need.  Even with resistance.  She's a girls girl dressed to the 9's in fabulous dresses, jewelry and tutu's! She loves everyone to the moon and is a wonderful friend.

My boy turned 1, also! ONE!!!!!  My tiny baby, that I JUST HAD YESTERDAY is ONE!!
He's walking, and clapping, and saying things and eating like a grown man.  He lights up my life.  When he puts his head on my shoulder, I just melt into a puddle. 
He has 2 teeth, he's walking everywhere, he looooves to eat...anything really!, he sleeps all nite and takes great naps.  He loves to play with his sissy's and he loves to swim! 
I never knew how much my heart could grow for these little maniacs!  How much my heart could love. 

Since Ashlee was turning 6, I thought she might want to have her own private little shindig.  I asked her if she wanted to do something special with just her friends.  I suggested a sleepover, movie nite, etc. She refused.  She said "No way Mommy!  I want to have a big party with MY boy!"  
She picked a Luau, which I thought would work great for both of them.  We planned and executed a great party with all the people who love us.  Thank you, everyone, for sharing in our kids special day!!  It was our pleasure to have you!

Dawn had these super cute birthday signs for the kids!  LOVED THEM!










My Dearest Ashlee,

I knew this day would come but it’s here quicker than I ever imagined.  That happens with most moments in this life, especially the good ones.  You’re one of the greatest ones. 
You’re growing up to be such a loving, kind, beautiful and funny girl.  You make me laugh everyday.  I love that about you.  Laughter will take you far in life.  You’re sensitive, too and cry easily when others are upset or when feelings get hurt.  You drive me crazy when you’re sassy or whiney.  Then you flash me those dimples and it melts away.  You know it, too!
Right now you are so little and perfect and you think your life is always going to be this way, that you will marry your brother and have babies and live with mommy and daddy forever. My guess is when you are 16, you will not like that "marry your brother" part, but hey, it's the truth.  You will lay in my lap for hours if I rubbed you the entire time.  You wake up in the mornings before me, and you crawl into my side of the bed.  You touch my face and ask me to hold you and we fall back asleep together.  These are the moments I burn into my memory.
When I ask you what you want to be when you grow up, you tell me a "mommy."
But you have other goals, too.  You want to be a Doctor, a teacher, an animal doctor.  I have no doubt you can and will do at least one of these things. 
Don't ever let anyone tell you that you cant do it all or have it all.  Even if it topples every day and changes weekly, you can have a career you love, a family you love, and great friends to round the whole thing out.
You'll start 1st grade soon.  I know you’re ready for that adventure.  I’m not sure how to feel about it.  I’m excited to watch you grow and learn and meet new friends, but I’m afraid, too.  I know kids can be mean.  I know school can be hard.  It makes my heart hurt to know you’ll have to endure those moments.  We all do.  It’s a part of life.  I know you’ll always shine – even during the tough days.
You don’t know this, but every night after you’ve gone to sleep, I sneak back into your room.  Sometimes I’ll give you a quick kiss on the forehead and quietly whisper good night.  Other times, I’ll stand there for a moment just staring at your sweet face, wondering how I got so lucky to have you.
Ashlee, my love for you has no boundaries.  It is limitless and grows stronger everyday.  You are a blessing to me now and forever.  As you grow, I hope you’ll know just how honored I am to be your Mom.


Dear, Dear Austin,

For the entire first year of your life, Austin, I kept wondering when the wonderment of being your mother would wear off. And after 12 months of diapers and white noise, nursing and nighttime rocking, babbles and snuggles and something new learned every day, I've come to the conclusion that it never will.
The days after your birth have been some of the most exciting, fun and adventurous times in my life. From seeing you light up your sisters faces, smiling, clapping to crawling to walking and now climbing and practically running. You are an adventurer.
I hope you never lose your curiosity. I hope and pray that you always walk up to a challenge and confront it head first with courage. For those times that you do fall, know that your Dad and I will always be here. We will be here to comfort you, encourage you and love you.
You are so affectionate and giggly -- and your giggle is more like a cackle. You are flirtatious and hilarious, spirited, silly and smart. Sometimes, when we're looking at each other laughing, I also feel the urge to cry, because you must be too good to be true. I never want any of this to end.
Your laugh can brighten any day and has brightened many of mine. I will forever cherish our silly mommy-son moments. Dancing in the kitchen to get you to eat your lunch. Channeling every silly voice and accent I know as I sang "the wheels on the bus" for the 10 zillionth time.  The shriek you would make when you would get a good clump of my hair. I shrieked too but out of pain. Yours were pure joy.  Your smile and giggles ignite a spark within my soul. You have grown and learned and become so much of a “real” little person over this last year, and have made me more happy and proud than I even knew possible.
No matter how old you get I hope you will always let me scoop you up, squeeze you tight and kiss those chubby cheeks. My sweet boy.
I look forward to watching you grow over the coming years, to watch you find yourself and become whoever it is you want to be. I’ll be there along the way, to help you when you need me and step aside when you don’t. Your first year has been wonderful beyond words, but somehow I know that the best is yet to come. Just remember, there’s no rush; you don’t need to get there too fast!

Love you my boy!


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